The South Park Cows' Logo.

There are several sports teams in South Park Elementary. It is assumed that they all fall under the "South Park Cows" moniker.

Basketball TeamEdit

South Park Elementary's basketball team was first seen in "Elementary School Musical". They wear jerseys that have "COWS" printed in gray near the neck, as well as a pattern resembling a white, black-patched, cow's fur. The team consists of Bridon, Kevin, Clyde, Bill, Token, Bradley, Jason, and Francis. They made their latest appearance in "Butterballs", taking part in Stan's anti-bullying video.

Cheerleading SquadEdit

South Park Elementary's cheerleading squad was first seen in "Douche and Turd". They wear white and green cheerleading uniforms with the South Park Cows logo near the uniform's center. They appeared in "Butterballs" with updated uniforms. In "Butterballs", they wear green-trimmed, black and white uniforms. The team consists of Wendy Testaburger, Red, Bebe Stevens, Mandy, Heidi Turner, Esther, Lola, Annie Faulk, Millie Larsen, Jenny Simons, Nichole, Lisa Berger and several unnamed background characters.

Volleyball TeamEdit

The girls' volleyball team appears in Season 20 episode "Wieners Out", and can be seen several times from then on. In "Wieners Out", a majority of male students at the volleyball game join Butters' "Wieners Out" movement to express their attitude against the gender the team represents.

The girls' volleyball team normally trains at the gym, the team has almost the same squad as the cheerleading team, including members like: Wendy Testaburger, Red, Bebe Stevens, Lola, Annie Faulk, Millie Larsen, Nichole and others.

Dodgeball TeamEdit

The dodgeball team appeared in "Conjoined Fetus Lady" coached by Jerome "Chef" McElroy. The team members wore green jerseys with the South Park Cows insignia near the left sleeve. Among the team were The Boys, Pip Pirrip, Clyde Donovan, Butters Stotch, Kevin Stoley, Bebe Stevens, DogPoo Petuski and Token Black.

Football TeamEdit

South Park Elementary's football team was first seen in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". They wear a green jersey, red sleeves, and gray, green-striped helmets with the South Park Cows logo on the sides. The known members were the boys, Pip Pirrip, Token Black, Clyde, Kevin Stoley, Bill, and Fosse.

Little League Baseball TeamEdit

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The South Park Little League Baseball Team appeared in "The Losing Edge". The boys didn't want to spend their whole summer playing such baseball, so they attempted to lose all their games; a feat that was much harder than initially anticipated.

Sarcastaball TeamEdit

South Park Elementary's Sarcastaball team was first seen in "Sarcastaball". The team wears traditional football uniforms, but wear bras and wear tin-foil hats instead of helmets. The team consists of Randy Marsh as the coach with Kenny McCormick, Jason, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Butters Stotch, Craig Tucker, Token Black, Clyde Donovan, DogPoo Petuski and Kevin Stoley playing.

Soccer TeamEdit

The soccer team appeared in "Medicinal Fried Chicken." The team members wore dark orange exercise shirts with black sleeves and black exercise pants. The members consisted of The Boys (Cartman never does the workouts and only comes to get KFC chicken), Token Black, Clyde Donovan and several unnamed boys.

It makes another appearance in the Season Twenty-Two episode "Buddha Box". This time, the team members wear white shirts with "COWS" printed in black, along with black sleeves and black pants. The team consists of the boys, with Eric Cartman as the goalkeeper, Token Black, Tweek Tweak, Craig Tucker and with Jason White and an unnamed boy as the substitutes.

Swim TeamEdit

A swim team was mentioned in "Butters' Bottom Bitch". Sally Darson is the only student confirmed to be on the team. In the episode "Broadway Bro Down", Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kenny, Shelly Marsh and Clyde Donovan are waiting for Larry Feegan to jump off the diving board into the pool. Randy Marsh is known to be the coach because that's what Cartman calls him. It is unknown if this is the swimming team because it is never confirmed.

Wrestling TeamEdit

The wrestling team was first seen in "W.T.F.". They wore a gray wrestling uniform, which resembled long underwear and protective headgear. It was disbanded by Principal Victoria after she discovered the qoute "Gay Porn" on his iPhone. The former team consisted of Jimmy, the boys, Butters, and Token.

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