South Park Archives

This is a list of short films created for South Park. These shorts were made for an assortment of occasions, clients and purposes and are considered non-contiguous.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Frosty "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty" December 8, 1992

In South Park's earliest precursor, the boys' snowman comes to life and wreaks havoc, before being defeated by the baby Jesus.

SoC-Jesus vs. Santa45 "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa" December 1, 1995

Jesus Christ descends from heaven and battles with Santa Claus over the true meaning of Christmas.

CableACEAwards1997 "Cable ACE Awards 1997" November 14, 1997

The boys host the 1997 Cable ACE awards.

Jay Leno 00012 "Jay Leno Short" November 20, 1997

Jay Leno visits the Boys' class to teach them the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Newyear "1998 New Year's Countdown" January 1, 1998

The boys, Jesus, Ike, and others count down to 1998.

12th Annual American Comedy Awards "The 12th Annual American Comedy Awards" March 16, 1998

Eric Cartman calls up the American Comedy Awards to rant about South Park's lack of nominations.

Chats01 "Fireside Chats" October 21, 1998

Trey Parker and Matt Stone sit by a fire and answer questions.

Cb00001 "Cowboys and Indian Shorts" October 27, 1998

Trey Parker and Matt Stone along with Indian Companion talk about episodes.

210px-South park amotherscourage "A Mother's Courage" October 31, 1998

Stan, Kyle, and Kenny demonstrate how to make a Jack-o-lantern.

1999Countdown01 "1999 New Year's Countdown" January 1, 1999

Mr. Mackey counts down to 1999.

Retire00001 "Retirement Home Shorts" April 27, 1999

Trey Parker and Matt Stone entertain senior citizens whilst talking about the episodes.

Montypython "Dead Friend Sketch" October 5, 1999

A homage to Monty Python's famous "Dead Parrot Sketch" featured on Python Night – 30 Years of Python, in celebration of the British comedy group's 30th anniversary.

2000 new years "2000 New Year's Countdown" January 1, 2000

The boys and many other characters count down to 2000.

Gladiator "The Gauntlet" June 3, 2000

A sketch for the MTV Movie Awards 2000.

Parkinglot00001 "Parking Lot Chat" June 3, 2003

Trey Parker and Matt Stone sit in a parking lot and talk about "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus".

Bakin Bacon w Macon 1 "Bakin' Bacon with Macon" June 3, 2003

A parody cooking show, used as pre-episode bumpers on the Season Two DVD set, featuring Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

The Aristocrats 2005 "The Aristocrats Sketch" August 12, 2005

South Park's take on The Aristocrats joke, featured in the 2005 documentary film The Aristocrats.

Lil Rush "Lil' Rush" June 13, 2007

Created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker for the Canadian rock band Rush, "Lil' Rush" was featured as the opening to the song "Tom Sawyer" on the band's Snakes and Arrows Tour in 2007.

Real Life South Park "The Real South Park" April 1, 2010

A sketch featured on Comedy Central Netherlands in honor of Season Fourteen of South Park, featuring a live-action adaptation of a typical day in the lives of the boys.

Cartman and the Hobbit 00001 "Cartman and the Hobbit" December 7, 2012

A short created by South Park Studios for the 2012 SpikeTV Video Game Awards. It featured Eric Cartman and a Hobbit, who met his demise for not respecting Cartman's "authoritah".

Tegridy Farms short "Tegridy Farms (Short)" July 19, 2019

A short created by South Park Studios for their YouTube channel. It features Randy Marsh giving a speech about the drug war while several pictures are shown.

BoardGameGeek Anniversary Video "BoardGameGeek Anniversary Video" January 20, 2020

A short created by South Park Studios for BoardGameGeek's 20th anniversary.