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This is a list of movies created for South Park.

Theatrical Release

Screenshot Title Air Date #
BLU Poster South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut June 30, 1999 1

Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman sneak into an R-rated movie that warps their fragile minds. Soon their parents declare war on Canada and the guys are America's last hope to stop Armageddon.[1]

List of Movies


Screenshot Title Air Date #
PostCovidImg1 South Park: Post Covid November 25, 2021 1

In SOUTH PARK: POST COVID, we’ll find out the answer to the question: what happened to the children who lived through the pandemic? Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived, but will never be the same post COVID.

SPPCRC South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid December 16, 2021 2

If Stan, Kyle and Cartman could just work together, they could go back in time to make sure Covid never happened and save Kenny's life. In SOUTH PARK: POST COVID: THE RETURN OF COVID, traveling back to the past seems to be the easy answer until they meet Victor Chaos.

SPSWPR1 South Park: The Streaming Wars June 1, 2022 3

In South Park: The Streaming Wars, Cartman locks horns with his mom in a battle of wills while an epic conflict unfolds that threatens South Park's very existence.

SPTSWP2 South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2 July 13, 2022 4

In South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2, a drought has brought the town of South Park to the brink of disaster.

SPJP5 South Park: Joining the Panderverse October 27, 2023 5

In South Park: Joining the Panderverse, Cartman's deeply disturbing dreams portend the end of the life he knows and loves. The adults in South Park are also wrestling with their own life decisions as the advent of AI is turning their world upside down.

SPNSFCPI3 South Park (Not Suitable For Children) December 20, 2023 6

After it's discovered that a teacher at South Park Elementary has an OnlyFans page, Randy is compelled to take a closer look at the seedy underbelly of the world of on-line influencers.

SPTEOO South Park: The End of Obesity May 24, 2024 7

The advent of new weight loss drugs has a huge impact on everyone in South Park. When Cartman is denied access to the life-changing medicine, the kids jump into action.

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