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This is a list of characters from the twenty-second season of South Park.

Catholic Cleanup Crew

Main article: Catholic Cleanup Crew

The Catholic Cleanup Crew is a group that destroys evidence of priests molesting young children in "A Boy And A Priest".

Elderly Woman with Blue-Gray Blouse

Main article: Elderly Woman with Blue-Gray Blouse

The elderly woman with blue-gray blouse first appears in "The Problem with a Poo" where she gushes over the PC Babies.


Main article: Hugh

Hugh is based on the real-life person with the same name who had won the Omaze Campaign for "NEXT for AUTISM". He appeared in "Dead Kids" and "Nobody Got Cereal?"

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos transparent.png
Main article: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon and the main antagonist of "Unfulfilled" and "Bike Parade".

Josh Carter

Josh Carter Amazon Worker.png
Main article: Josh Carter

Josh Carter is a former worker for the Amazon Fulfillment Center and the leader of the Amazon workers' strike in "Unfulfilled" and "Bike Parade".

Larry Zewiski

Larry Zewiski.png
Main article: Larry Zewiski

Larry Zewiski is a male fourth grader and the winner of all bike parades. He first appeared in "Unfulfilled".

Man with Green Coat

Main article: Man with Green Coat

The man with green coat is a South Park citizen who first appears in "Bike Parade".

Man with Orange Shirt

Man With Orange Shirt.png
Main article: Man with Orange Shirt

The man with orange shirt makes a cameo appearance in "Dead Kids" and has his first speaking role in "The Problem with a Poo".

Mr. Zewiski

British Amazon Worker.png
Main article: Mr. Zewiski

Mr. Zewiski is Larry Zewiski's father and a former Amazon worker at the Amazon Fulfillment Center. He first appeared in "Unfulfilled".

Mrs. Zewiski

Main article: Mrs. Zewiski

Mrs. Zewiski is the wife of Mr. Zewiski and the mother of Larry Zewiski. She appeared in "Bike Parade".

PC Babies

PC Babies.png
Main article: PC Babies

The PC Babies, Riley, Bailey, Harper, River, and Emory, are the children of PC Principal and Strong Woman. They were born in "The Problem with a Poo".

Spinny Mountain Records producer

Producer Spinny Mountain Records.png
Main article: Spinny Mountain Records Producer

The Spinny Mountain Records Producer is a producer who helps the PC Babies' band become famous in "Buddha Box".

Vaping Man

Main article: Vaping Man

The Vaping Man is a mascot who sells vaping pens to children in "Tegridy Farms".

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