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For other uses, see List of Minor Characters. This is a list of characters from the twenty-first season of South Park.

Adam Borque

Main article: Adam Borque

Adam Borque is a male 4th grader at South Park Elementary. He appears in "Franchise Prequel" where he is seen joining Professor Chaos' army.


Main article: Alexa

Alexa is an artificially intelligent digital personal assistant that first appeared in "White People Renovating Houses".

Bill Yellow Hawk

Main article: Bill Yellow Hawk

Bill Yellow Hawk is a Native American who appears in "Holiday Special". He is paid by Randy to make out with him in order to sabotage his own DNA test. After Randy kisses him, Bill starts to develop feelings for him.

Bob White

Main article: Bob White

Bob White is the husband of Mrs. White and the father of Jason and Crystal White. He made his first appearance in "Splatty Tomato", where he confronts the school.

Chip Duncan

Main article: Chip Duncan

Chip Duncan was a townsperson in South Park who appeared in "Sons A Witches", where he turned into a witch and began to kidnap and torment several children up until his demise. He was later killed by President Garrison.

Chuck E. Cheese

Main article: Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese is the mouse mascot of the Chuck E. Cheese's chain of family entertainment centers, who appeared in "Hummels & Heroin".

Crystal White

Main article: Crystal White

Crystal White is a kindergartner girl and the little sister of Jason White, as well as the daughter of Bob, and Mrs. White. She first appeared in "Splatty Tomato".

Dr. Gauche

Main article: Dr. Gauche

Dr. Gauche is a medical doctor who appears in "SUPER HARD PCness".

Gary Borkovec

Main article: Gary Borkovec

Gary Borkovec was a student at South Park Elementary. He appeared in "Put It Down", where he was killed by the car of a couple distracted on the their phones.

Hannah Williams

Main article: Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams is a first grader who first appeared in the Season Fifteen episode "Funnybot". She also appears in "Put It Down", where she sings Wheels On the Bus while crying. She makes another appearance in "Hummels & Heroin".

Heather Conduct

Main article: Heather Conduct

Heather Conduct appears in "SUPER HARD PCness", as the head of human resources at South Park Elementary.

Henry Kline

Main article: Henry Kline

Henry Kline is a student at South Park Elementary. He appears in "Put It Down", where he asks everyone to come to the memorial service that would be held at the school.

Jim Bob

Main article: Jim Bob

Jim Bob appears in "White People Renovating Houses" as one of the anti-Alexa protesters. He performs a country version of the song "Humble".

Justin Trudeau

Main article: Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau appears in "SUPER HARD PCness" where he threatens retaliation against United States, after President Garrison nukes Canada.

Kelly Morris

Main article: Kelly Morris

Kelly Morris was a student at South Park Elementary. She appeared in "Put It Down", where she was killed in car accident caused by distracted driving.

Kim Jong-un

Main article: Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea. He appears in "Put It Down", where he is seen looking out at the streets of Pyongyang when he receives cupcakes.

Marcus Preston

Main article: Marcus Preston

Marcus Preston is a student at South Park Elementary. He appears in "Hummels & Heroin" where he investigates the sudden increase in deaths of the entertainers dressed as fictional characters.

Mark Zuckerberg

Main article: Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. He appears in "Franchise Prequel" where he comes to South Park to help Butters create fake posts about the Coon and Friends.

Mrs. White

Main article: Mrs. White

Mrs. White appears in "Splatty Tomato". She is the wife of Bob White and the mother of Jason and Crystal White.

Park County Courthouse Judge

Main article: Park County Courthouse Judge

Park County Courthouse Judge is the judge at the Park County Courthouse. She appears in "White People Renovating Houses", where she judges a case between Randy and Darryl.

Paul Ryan

Main article: Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is an American politician serving as the Speaker of the White House. He appears in "Doubling Down".

Peter Galtman

Main article: Peter Galtman

Peter Galtman appears in "Holiday Special" as an ally of Randy, helping him protest against Columbus Day.

Tucker Rae

Main article: Tucker Rae

Tucker Rae appears in "White People Renovating Houses" as an anti-Alexa protester. He replaces the Alexa at Crunchy's Micro Brew.

Wilson Aubry

Main article: Wilson Aubry

Wilson Aubry is a first grader who first appeared in "Franchise Prequel", where he turns down the Coon and Friends offer to help him.

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