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This is a list of characters from the twenty-fourth season of South Park.

Air Israel Handler

Main article: Air Israel Handler

The Air Israel Handler delivers COVID-19 Vaccines to South Park in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Anthony Fauci

Main article: Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is an American physician who appears in "The Pandemic Special".


Main article: Bat

The bat was suspected to be the origin of COVID-19 in "The Pandemic Special" until the pangolin was found to be the actual origin of the coronavirus.

Cartman's New Bros

Erics new bros.png
Main article: Cartman's New Bros

Cartman's New Bros is a friend group consisting of Jimmy Valmer, Clyde Donovan, Eric Cartman, and a hispanic boy. It was founded in "South ParQ Vaccination Special" after Cartman ended his broship with The Boys.

Chief Scientist

Main article: Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist was in charge of investigating COVID-19 in "The Pandemic Special".

Chinese Clubbers

Main article: Chinese Clubbers

The Chinese Clubbers appear in Randy Marsh's flashback of his time in Wuhan in "The Pandemic Special".

Delivery Express Man

Main article: Delivery Express Man

The Delivery Express Man delivers a parcel to Randy Marsh in "The Pandemic Special".

Elderly Woman in Wheelchair

Main article: Elderly Woman in Wheelchair

The Elderly Woman in Wheelchair appears in "South ParQ Vaccination Special" where she is paid by the Kommunity Kidz to help them get into Walgreens to steal the COVID-19 Vaccines.

Female QAnon Tutor

Female QAnon Tutor.png
Main article: Female QAnon Tutor

The Female QAnon Tutor was a member of QAnon and its private tutor branch Tutornon. She appeared in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Hispanic Boy with Olive Vest

Main article: Hispanic Boy with Olive Vest

The Hispanic Boy with Olive Vest is a member of Cartman's New Bros who appears in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Hollywood Elites

Main article: Hollywood Elites

The Hollywood Elites are a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, pedophilic cannibals that QAnon believes in. They are mentioned throughout "South ParQ Vaccination Special" where QAnon tries to stop them.

Jake Angeli

Main article: Jake Angeli

Jake Angeli is an activist widely known as the QAnon Shaman. He appears in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


Main article: James (Build-A-Bear)

James is the shopkeeper of the Build-A-Bear Workshop in "The Pandemic Special".

Jeffrey Epstein

Main article: Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier who was mentioned in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Kommunity Kidz

Main article: Kommunity Kidz

Kommunity Kidz is a elderly-care group formed by the boys in "South ParQ Vaccination Special" in order to steal the COVID-19 Vaccines.

Lil' Qties

Main article: Lil' Qties

Lil' Qties is the children's arm of QAnon. They appear in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Lil' Qties Blonde Girl

Main article: Lil' Qties Blonde Girl

The Lil' Qties Blonde Girl is a Lil' Qties member who appears in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Millard Anderson

Main article: Millard Anderson

Millard Anderson is the father of Filmore Anderson, who appears in a Zoom meeting in "The Pandemic Special".

Mr. Service

Mr Service.png
Main article: Mr. Service

Mr. Service was Herbert Garrison's fourth teaching assistant who appears in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Pandemic Specialists

Main article: Pandemic Specialists

The pandemic Specialists are a group of scientists who investigate COVID-19 in "The Pandemic Special".


Main article: Pangolin

The pangolin was the animal found to be responsible for the transmission of COVID-19 to humans in "The Pandemic Special".


Main article: QAnon

QAnon is a conspiracy theory group who are the main antagonists of "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Sef Furman

Main article: Sef Furman

Sef Furman was a male 4th-grader who appeared in "The Pandemic Special". He is based on a real-life teenage South Park fan who suffered from brain cancer.


Main article: Tutornon

Tutornon is a private tutoring organization founded by Bob White, comprising of QAnon members as tutors. It is featured in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Walgreens Bouncer

Main article: Walgreens Bouncer

The Walgreens Bouncer is a security guard for Walgreens who appears in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

Walgreens Pharmacist

Main article: Walgreens Pharmacist

The Walgreens Pharmacist is a healthcare worker for Walgreens who appears in "South ParQ Vaccination Special".

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