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This is a list of characters from the twenty-fifth season of South Park.

Airsoft Armory Salesman

Airsoft Armory Salesman.png
Main article: Airsoft Armory Salesman

The Airsoft Armory Salesman is the salesman for South Park Airsoft Armory who sells Airsoft equipment and weapons, appearing in "Help, My Teenager Hates Me!".

Blinky's Airsoft Referee

Blinky's Airsoft Referee.png
Main article: Blinky's Airsoft Referee

The Blinky's Airsoft Referee is the referee for Airsoft games in Blinky's Airsoft, appearing in "Help, My Teenager Hates Me!".

Cannabis Farmers Panelist

Cannabis Farmers Panelist.png
Main article: Cannabis Farmers Panelist

The Cannabis Farmers Panelist is a speaker for the Cannabis Cultivators Expo held at the Colorado Convention Center, appearing in "The Big Fix".

Coney Island Hotdog Owner

Coney Island Hot Dog Owner.png
Main article: Coney Island Hotdog Owner

The Coney Island Hotdog Owner is the former owner of the Coney Island Hotdog and arrived at South Park Realtors to sell it, appeared in "City People".

Davey Solokov

Davey Solokov.png
Main article: Davey Solokov

Davey Solokov is a Russian rider who participated at South Park's dressage competition in "Back To The Cold War", with Butters Stotch being one of his rivals. They face each other at the final round, but gets eliminated after Butter's horse attempts to make love with his own, knocking him off his horse.

Dressage Referee

Dressage Referee.png
Main article: Dressage Referee

The Dressage Referee counts down on Davey Solokov while he is at the ground, appears in "Back To The Cold War".

German Band

German Band.png
Main article: German Band

The German Band is a musical band that appears in "Pajama Day".

IHOP Customer

IHOP Customer.png
Main article: IHOP Customer

The IHOP customer is a South Park citizen who appears in "Pajama Day". He is arrested outside the International House of Pancakes after refusing to wear pajamas per the restaurant's policy.

John Aspinal

Realtor John.png
Main article: John Aspinal

John Aspinal is a South Park Realtors' worker who appears in "Pajama Day" and "City People". This character is addressed as Frank in "Pajama Day".


Main article: Melancholy

Melancholy is Butters' dressage horse for participating at a dressage championship in "Back To The Cold War", as he gets distracted by having sexual intercourse with other competitors.

Mike ("Pajama Day")

Mike ("Pajama Day").png
Main article: Mike ("Pajama Day")

Mike is a South Park Realtors' worker who appears in "Pajama Day".

Mr. and Mrs. Billings

Mr. & Mrs. Billings.png
Main article: Mr. and Mrs. Billings

Mr. and Mrs. Billings are a married couple who appear in "Pajama Day". Mrs. Billings gets arrested following a dispute over Mr. Billings sleeping with his clothes on instead of pajamas.

Mr. and Mrs. Solokov

Mr. and Mrs. Solokov.png
Main article: Mr. and Mrs. Solokov

Mr. and Mrs. Solokov are Davey Solokov's parents who appear in "Back To The Cold War".


Rick Pajama Day.png
Main article: Rick ("Pajama Day")

Rick is Herbert Garrison's new boyfriend who appears in "Pajama Day". He is introduced by Mr. Garrison to the fourth-grade class.


IHOP Hostess.png
Main article: Sarah

Sarah is a hostess for the International House of Pancakes. In "Pajama Day", she refuses service to a customer, enforcing the restaurant's policy on wearing pajamas to enter.

Sergei Shoigu

Sergei Shoigu.png
Main article: Sergei Shoigu

Sergei Shoigu is a Russian military general who serves as Russia's Minister of Defence and General of the Army, appearing in "Back To The Cold War".


Main article: Trevor

Trevor is a Teenager who plays Airsoft with Kyle and nags him around in "Help, My Teenager Hates Me!".

Trevor's Mother

Trevor's Mom.png
Main article: Trevor's Mother

Trevor's Mother is the mother of Trevor and drops him at the Broflovski Residence, appears in "Help, My Teenager Hates Me!".

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