For other uses, see List of Minor Characters.This is a list of characters from the twentieth season of South Park.

Internet Trolls


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Anonymous821, whose real name is unknown, is one of many trolls in the group of trolls fighting against He is most noted by his Anonymous paraphernalia, such as, the Guy Fawkes mask.

Anthony Webster

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Anthony Webster was the first of the internet trolls to be killed in retaliation for his misdeeds. He was noted by having a soft voice.

Dildo Shwaggins

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Dildo Shwaggins is an internet troll who gets Skankhunt42 to join the group against TrollTrace.


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PurpleHeadedQueefLicker, whose real name is also unknown, is one of many trolls in the group of trolls fighting against He is most noted by his pet iguana that joins him while he's trolling, and his collection of retro games.


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Skankhunt42 is Gerald Broflovski's internet troll name. He trolls the girls and later Freja Ollegard until she commits suicide. Skankhunt42 then begrudgingly joins a group of trolls to bring down


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SuperSexyLisa18 is an internet troll first seen in "Wieners Out". She is noteworthy for being the only female in the group.

Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson is a politician from the United Kingdom who calls President Garrison to warn him, unsuccessfully, about Memberberries.


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Cher was previously mentioned in "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub", but makes an appearance in "Members Only" as one of the people looking to leave earth via SpaceX.

Dave Beckett

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Dave Beckett is an elderly gentleman seen at the end of "The End of Serialization as We Know It", where he was interviewed about sending the first email on the "new" internet.

Dr. Wayne Schroeder

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Dr. Wayne Schroeder is a psychologist who gives a presentation about internet trolls in "Skank Hunt".

Eduardo Hernandez

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Townsfolk eduardo hernandez.png

Eduardo Hernandez is a grocery clerk who previously denied President Garrison the ability to double bag groceries. Garrison makes a surprise visit at the grocery store and publicly humiliates Hernandez during a tirade.

Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of SpaceX. He is seen in "Members Only" giving a tour round SpaceX.

Freja Ollegard

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Freja Ollegard was an Olympic volleyball player who Skankhunt42 drove to suicide with his trolling, causing Denmark to retaliate with


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Heidi is the host of Simply Heidi, which Freja Ollegard appeared on in "The Damned".

J.J. Abrams

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J.J. Abrams is an American director who rebooted Star Wars. In "Member Berries ", the government hires Abrams to reboot the national anthem. In "Douche and a Danish", Randy reveals Abrams is trying to make Herbert Garrison win the election.

Lennart Bedrager

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Lennart Bedrager vows to seek vengeance for Freja Ollegard after she was trolled into suicide. He develops and deploys a service called to seek out and identify trolls and their internet histories. In reality, he's seeking a form of world domination.


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Memberberries are anthropomorphic fruit that reminisce about the past. They make homophobic and racist comments. They cause Herbert Garrison to win the presidential election.

Steve Bannon

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Steve Bannon is a US politician, who is an adviser for Donald Trump, and serves as President Garrison's adviser. Garrison is transitioning into his new look, and it's up to Bannon and other advisers to ensure that goes smoothly.

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