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This is a list of characters from the sixteenth season of South Park.

Alana Thompson

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Alana Thompson (aka Honey Boo Boo) is an overweight blonde girl who appeared in "Raising the Bar", where it is stated she had three heart attacks and one of them took place during a beauty pageant. Her heart eventually stopped and she got it replaced with a pig's heart. She was rivals with Eric Cartman(aka Fatty Doo Doo). Cartman found out Fatty Doo Doo was canceled due to Honey Boo Boo getting more views so he challenged Alana Thompson to sketti wrestling but the fight was resolved by Michelle Obama.

Ambassador of Humans

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The Ambassador of Humans appeared in "Faith Hilling" and was sent to attempt to communicate with the Talking Cat. His interpretation of the cat's vocalizations led him to believe that cat's would continue evolving, declare war on humans, and that humans and cats could not coexist.

Bigfoot Researchers

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The Bigfoot Researchers are cryptozoologists who appeared in "Jewpacabra", where they were seen at their research station and at the location of the Easter egg hunt.

Boy with Brown Hair

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The Boy with the Brown Hair appeared in "Faith Hilling". He and his friends were seen seen in front of Café Monetperformingmemes. They initially expressed disagreement with the boys, who wanted to maintain "Faith Hilling".

Boy with Green Coat

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The Boy with the Green Coat appeared in "Faith Hilling" and his friends were seen taking photos of him in front of Café Monet"Taylor Swifting". He was later seen encouraging Stan Marsh to perform a combination of two other memes in front of the same café.

Brad Paisley

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Brad Paisley is an American musician who appeared in "Cartman Finds Love", where he sings the national anthem before the basketball game. He also sang "I Swear" with Eric Cartman.

Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers

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Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers

Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers is an organization that fights against bullying. It appeared in "Butterballs", where they organized an assembly at South Park Elementary about the harm of bullying. They later sponsored Stan Marsh's music video, "Make Bullying Kill Itself".

Cee Lo Green

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Cee Lo Green is an African american singer-songwriter and rapper. He appears in "Sarcastaball". He sang "I Love Sarcastaball" at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High.


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Dean is the host of J&G Shopping Network, who appeared in "Cash For Gold". In the episode, he sold overpriced jewelry on his show.

In the end, he commits suicide on air, by a gunshot to the temple. It was an extremely bloody death, as blood was seen covering his counter and products.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

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Doctor Oz appeared in "Butterballs", where he was seen interviewing Stan Marsh and Butters Stotch about "Make Bullying Kill Itself". After making Butters angry, he is attacked and beaten up by him on his show.

Grandma Stotch

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Grandma Stotch

Grandma Stotch is one of Butters' grandmothers. She appeared in "Butterballs", where she bullied him constantly. After Butters gains the courage to stand up to her after attacking Dr. Oz, he tells her that she will die being the bully that she is and he will keep living happily.

Hoffman and Turk Attorney

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The Attorney from Hoffman and Turk Law Offices appeared in "Reverse Cowgirl", where he performed a "sue-ance", in order to try to sue the inventor of the toilet.

In the end, it is revealed by the ghost of Clyde's mother that the attorney is fraudulent, and had been extorting money from Clyde and the boys.

James Cameron

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James Cameron is an American film director and explorer who appeared in "Raising the Bar", where he went down to the bottom of the ocean to find the bar and raise it. On his way he fought Randy Newman and once he raised the bar he became a hero and ended the Honey Boo Boofad.


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Lorraine appeared in "Butterballs", where she at the school assembly with Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers, who bullied her by asking her, "Nice pants, why do you wear them up to your tits?".

Luke Covina and Maria Sanchez

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Luke Covina and Maria Sanchez appeared in "Cartman Finds Love", where they were seen playing together on the playground at South Park Elementary. Stan Marsh notes that they are in a relationship together because they were locked in the gymnasium overnight. It is implied that Eric Cartmanwasresponsibleforit.

Michael (zipline guide)

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Michael appeared in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", where he was seen hosting the ziplining tour group that the boysparticipatedin. During the tour, Michael was responsible for sending guests down the zipline. He also provided the history and background of various objects, such as a tree and a creek.

Mr. Billings

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Mr. Billings is the president and CEO of Sooper Foods, the grocery retailing chain that hosted the Easter egg hunt. He appeared in "Jewpacabra".


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Nichole is an African american girl who apears in Cartman Finds Love. Nichole became a new student and a member of the cheerleading squad at South Park Elementary. Eric Cartman locks Nichole in the boys locker room with Token Black which causes them to be a romantic couple. Nichole once had a crush on Kyle BroflovskibutCartman had to tell Nichole that Kyle was his boyfriend, so that she wouldn't be in a relationship with a boy who wasn't black.

Nick Jabs

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Nick Jabs appeared in "Butterballs", where he was seen bullying the spokesperson for Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers. After Butters Stotch attacks Dr. Oz, Jabs becomes angry at Stan for Butters' inciden

He was later bullied by Jesus Christand, as a result of the criticism surrounding the controversy behind Butters' incident, he backed out of Stan's video.

Pharaoh of Egypt

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The Pharaoh of Egypt appeared in "Jewpacabra", where he was seen in a dream Eric Cartman had to Ancient Egypt. He was the ruler of Egypt during the events of Passover and was passive about the plagues affecting Egypt during Cartman's dream.

Professor Lamont

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Professor Lamont was a guest instructor at South Park Elementary. He specializes in memes and the safety behind using them. He appeared in "Faith Hilling", where he was seen educating the class about the dangers of memes.

Randy Newman

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Randy Newman is an american singer and song writer. He appeared in "Raising the Bar", where he is seen deep sea diving. He is trying to stop James Cameronfromraising the bar because if the bar raises, then people won't hire him.

Republican Candidates

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Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul are United States politicians who appeared in "Faith Hilling" as the Republican presidential candidates participating in the Colorado Republican Debate. Upon conclusion of the episode, Ron Paul was replaced by a Talking Catforthefinaldebate.

Roger Goodell

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Nfl commissioner goodell

Roger Goodell is the commissioner for the NFL who appeared in "Sarcastaball", where he was sarcastically rude to Randy Marsh.

Sir John Harington

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Sir John Harington was a writer as well as the inventor of the modern flush toilet. He appeared in "Reverse Cowgirl", where he bursted into the courtroom as the attorney, from Hoffman and Turk Law Offices, performed the "sue-ance".

Talking Cat

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The Talking Cat appeared in "Faith Hilling", where it was the cause behind the "Oh Long Johnson" meme. He was made famous by a YouTube video and footage from that video was used in the episode.

Toilet Safety Administration

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The Toilet Safety Administration is a fictional government agency parodying the Transportation Security Administration. They appeared in "Reverse Cowgirl", where they were seen providing excessive security around toilets in South Park.

Thad (Insecurity)

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UPS Thad

Thad is a UPS truck delivery man who appeared in "Insecurity", where Randy Marsh and the rest of the kids fathers mistakenly thought he was having sex with their wives. They did violent things like beating him up on the streets and they Blew up his truck. The UPS man committed suicide by jumping out of Kyle Broflovski's bedroom window Killing himself.

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