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For other uses, see List of Minor Characters. This list is for minor characters from the seventh season of South Park.

Agent Tucker

Main article: Agent Tucker

Agent Tucker appeared in "Lil' Crime Stoppers" as an arch-rival of the boys when they were playing detectives. He and his friends played FBI agents and took over the boys' investigations, pulling "jurisdiction" over them, insisting that the FBI had jurisdiction over detectives.

Alex Glick

Main article: Alex Glick

Alex Glick is a male fourth grader. He appeared in "Red Man's Greed". He was voiced by himself; he was animated into South Park because he had won a contest.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

Main article: American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is a group of elderly men and women who fight by militant means to ensure that the rights of senior citizens are not violated. They appear in "Grey Dawn" when contacted by Marvin Marsh to help the seniors in South Park get their driver's licenses back. However, because of the efficiency of the attack, they planned to take over the whole town.

Ben Affleck

Main article: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an American actor who fell in love with Hennifer Lopez in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head".

Benjamin Franklin

Main article: Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is an American founding father and inventor who appears as a member of the Continental Congress in Eric Cartman's flashback to 1776 in "I'm a Little Bit Country". He settles the Congress's dispute over going to war with England by stating that those against the war make the country seem caring and those for the war make the country seem strong.


Main article: Bloods (Gang)

The Bloods are a real-life street gang who appeared in "Krazy Kripples".

Chief Runs With Premise

Main article: Chief Runs With Premise

Chief Runs With Premise is the wealthy owner of Three Feathers Indian Casino who appears in "Red Man's Greed".

Christopher Reeve

Main article: Christopher Reeve

Christoper Reeve is an actor and activist for stem cell research who appears in "Krazy Kripples".

Crab People

Main article: Crab People

The Crab People appear in "South Park is Gay!", where they attempt to make everyone metrosexual.


Main article: Crips (Gang)

The Crips are a street gang that appears in "Krazy Kripples". Jimmy Valmer and Timmy Burch join this gang, thinking it was a group of people crippled from birth, unlike Christopher Reeve, whom they despise. The Crips are in a rivalry with the Bloods, but at the end of the episode, Jimmy and Timmy help resolve the conflict and the two gangs get along.

Faith + 1

Main article: Faith + 1

Faith + 1 is a Christian rock band Cartman formed in "Christian Rock Hard".


Main article: Ferrari

Ferrari is the newest waitress at Raisins who is seen in "Raisins".

French Canadian Mime

Main article: French Canadian Mime

The French Canadian Mime helps The Boys travel to Ottawa to see the new prime minister in "It's Christmas in Canada".

Gary Harrison

Gary Harrison.png
Main article: Gary Harrison

Gary Harrison is a Mormon boy who appears in "All About Mormons".

Gene Hackman

Main article: Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is a former American actor who appears in "Krazy Kripples". He, with the townspeople's support, get a law passed to ban stem cell research, to stop Christopher Reeve from getting to them.


Main article: Gino

Gino was a drug dealer and crime boss who appeared in "Lil' Crime Stoppers" as the owner of The Peppermint Hippo. When the boys are caught by a bouncer and brought into his office, Gino first attempts to persuade them into sneaking drugs for them, but then he and his colleagues shoot at them when he realizes they are with the police. After a large shootout, he reveals that he is working with Murphy and Jenkins, two corrupted cops. After Gino states that they will split the pay 50/50, he and Jenkins are killed by Murphy, who wanted to keep the money to himself.

Harry and Elise Gintz

Main article: Harry and Elise Gintz

Harry and Elise Gintz are Ike Broflovski's birth parents who decide to take back their son from the Broflovski family in "It's Christmas in Canada". They say that the new Canadian Prime Minister has issued a law that allows Canadian parents who gave their children up for adoption to take them back. When Harry and Elise see that Kyle Broflovski has come to Canada and that the new prime minister was actually Saddam Hussein, they return Ike to him.


Main article: Hopkins

Hopkins is a detective with the Park County Police who appears in "Lil' Crime Stoppers". He is often seen with Murphy and Jenkins, but unlike them, he is not corrupt and antagonizing towards the boys, and insists the others be nice to them. When the shootout at The Peppermint Hippo ensues, he, Murphy, and Jenkins are sent in and take part until the mob boss Ginoreveals his connection to Hopkins' colleagues. Suddenly, Murphy and Jenkins turn on Gino, killing him and shooting Hopkins in the shoulder.

Jason Bell

Jason Bell.png
Main article: Jason Bell

Jason Bell is a grocery store clerk who appeared in "Toilet Paper". He sells toilet paper to the boils and is called in later by Officer Barbrady to identify the paper. He asks how anyone could do such horrible things to the paper.

Jeff Goldblum

Main article: Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum appears in "Cancelled", parodying his role in Independence Day, as the scientist researching alien life forms. He is asked by Chef to take a look at the anal probe in Eric Cartman's ass, which sends out a transmission of data to space. From that, he finds out that the planet Earth is just an intergalactic reality TV show.

Jennifer Lopez

Main article: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez appears in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head". After the appearance of the new "Jennifer Lopez", the original was fired from her record label. Lopez does not take this well and decides to South Park to kill the one stealing her name. After her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, decides to have a relationship with the new Jennifer Lopez, the original beats the fake and chases her with the intent to kill. She was caught and taken away, later working at La Taco.


Main article: Joozians

The Joozians are an alien species that appear in "Cancelled" and control all media in the universe. They canceled the hit show Earth because it has gone over 100 episodes, making it "stale". They do not listen to the boys' attempts to not cancel the show and instead proceed to take the boys to a restaurant, a topless bar, and a hotel room with a prostitute.

Joseph Smith

Main article: Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith is the founder of Mormonism. His tale was told in "All About Mormons".

Josh Myers

Main article: Josh Myers

Josh Myers is an Inmate at the Juvenile hall. He helps Barbrady track down the People who Toilet-Papered Mrs. Streibel's house. He appears to be a parody of Hannibal Lecter, the hairstyles are virtually the same, he has to be kept under maximum security, he psychologically plumbs Officer Barbrady, and at the end, he is strapped to a cart with a special mask to restrain him. He only appeared in "Toilet Paper".


Main article: Lexus

Lexus is a waitress at Raisins who Butters Stotch falls in love with in "Raisins".

Lieutenant Dawson

Main article: Lieutenant Dawson

Lieutenant Dawson is a police lieutenant with the Park County Police who appears in "Lil' Crime Stoppers".

Lucy Harris

Main article: Lucy Harris

Lucy Harris is the wife of Martin Harris who appeared in "All About Mormons".

Martin Harris

Main article: Martin Harris

Martin Harris helps Joseph Smith translate the tablets into the Book of Mormon in "All About Mormons".


Main article: Mercedes

Mercedes is a waitress at Raisins who is seen in "Raisins".


Main article: Moop

Moop is a rock band formed by the boys in "Christian Rock Hard".

Mr. Dog

Main article: Mr. Dog

Mr. Dog is a dog Butters found when he was sent to the dump in "Casa Bonita".

Mrs. Streibel

Main article: Mrs. Streibel

Mrs. Streibel is an art teacher at South Park Elementary and appears in "Toilet Paper". Because the boys do not take art class seriously, she keeps them after class for two hours. This angers the boys, inciting them to toilet paper her house.

Murphy and Jenkins

Main article: Murphy and Jenkins

Murphy and Jenkins are two corrupt detectives with the Park County Police who appear in "Lil' Crime Stoppers". They are antagonizing towards the boys, saying they are too good to get a "bonus" at the crime scene and mocking their young age. When they and Hopkins are sent in to settle the shootout at The Peppermint Hippo, it is revealed they are partners with the mob boss Gino in the drug business.


Main article: Najix

Najix is an alien TV producer who appears in "Cancelled". He works for Nerzod Productions and is the main producer for the hit show Earth, which was almost canceled.

Official Messenger Boy

Main article: Official Messenger Boy

The Official Messenger Boy was a messenger who appeared in "I'm a Little Bit Country".

Premise Running Thin

Main article: Premise Running Thin

Premise Running Thin is Chief Runs With Premise's son, who appears in "Red Man's Greed".


Raisins Porsche.png
Main article: Porsche

Porsche is a waitress at Raisins who is seen in "Raisins".

Rick the Mountie

Main article: Rick the Mountie

Rick the Mountie is seen in "It's Christmas in Canada". He has beady eyes, wears a Mountie uniform, and his head is pentagon-shaped. He helps the boys travel to Ottawa to see the new prime minister along with the Mime and Steve.

Rob Reiner

Main article: Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner is an American actor who came to South Park in "Butt Out".


Main article: Ryan ("Cartman Sucks")

Ryan was supposed to be Butters' "accountabilibuddy" at Camp New Grace in "Cartman Sucks" but he had hanged himself in his room.

Sarah Peterson

Main article: Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson is a girl who lost her doll and asked for the help of the boys to find it when they were playing detectives in "Lil' Crime Stoppers". After the boys found the doll at Fosse's house and rescued it from Bill and Fosse, they return it to Sarah, whose mother told the Park County Police of their good deed.

Streibel Daughters

Main article: Streibel Daughters

The Streibel Daughters are the daughters of Mrs. Streibel and Mr. Streibel. They appeared in "Toilet Paper".


Main article: Steve (Canadian)

Steve is a Canadian fisherman from Newfoundland who appeared in "It's Christmas in Canada".

Thomas Jefferson

Main article: Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States, who appeared in "I'm a Little Bit Country".

Wise Man

Main article: Wise Man

Wise Man is an elderly man who tells Stan Marsh the middle-class white way of curing S.A.R.S. in "Red Man's Greed".

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