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For other uses, see List of Minor Characters. This is a list of characters from the fifteenth season of South Park.

The Bishop of Banff

Main article: Bishop of Banff

The Bishop of Banff attended the Canadian royal wedding in "Royal Pudding".

The Broadway Bros

Main article: Broadway Bros

The Broadway Bros are a group of Broadway writers that hang out at Hooters. They appeared in "Broadway Bro Down".

Canadian Prime Minister

Main article: Canadian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Canada is seen in "Royal Pudding" when Ike opens his box.

Canadian Commander

Main article: Canadian Commander

The Canadian Commander is seen in "Royal Pudding" leading an army of Canadians into luring Scott the Dick.

Cartman Burger

Main article: Cartman Burger

Cartman Burger is a burger company Cartman and Kyle created in "Ass Burgers".

David Sawitzky

Main article: David Sawitzky

David Sawitzky is a Native American activist who appeared in "A History Channel Thanksgiving".

David Weatherhead

David Weatherhead 1.png
Main article: David Weatherhead

David Weatherhead is one of the foster children seen in "The Poor Kid".

Duck President

Main article: Duck President

The Duck President first appeared in "You're Getting Old" in a movie trailer.


Main article: Funnybot

Funnybot is a comedian robot created and manufactured in Germany. It appears in "Funnybot".

Giant Reptilian Bird

Main article: Giant Reptilian Bird

The Giant Reptilian Bird is a creature that appears in "The Poor Kid".

Jacob Hallery

Main article: Jacob Hallery

Jacob Hallery is the poorest kid at Greeley Elementary as seen in "The Poor Kid".

Jessica Pinkerton

Main article: Jessica Pinkerton

Jessica Pinkerton is a bully at Greeley Elementary who appears in "The Poor Kid".

Junichi Takiyama

Junichi takiyama 1.png
Main article: Junichi Takiyama

Junichi Takiyama was a minor character who appeared in "HUMANCENTiPAD" and "City Sushi".

Larry Feegan

Larry-feegan (1).png
Main article: Larry Feegan

Larry Feegan was Shelly Marsh's boyfriend in "Broadway Bro Down".

Michael Moore

Main article: Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a filmmaker who appeared at the 99% rally in "1%".

Miles Standish

Main article: Miles Standish

Miles Standish is an alien from the planet Plymouth, who appeared in "A History Channel Thanksgiving".

Mr. Adams

Main article: Mr. Adams

Mr. Adams is a caseworker for Child Protective Services. He appeared in "The Poor Kid".

Mr. Feegan

Main article: Mr. Feegan

Mr. Feegan is Larry Feegan's father and a militant vegan. He appeared in "Broadway Bro Down".

Mrs. Feegan

Main article: Mrs. Feegan

Mrs. Feegan is Larry Feegan's mother and a passionate vegan. She appeared in "Broadway Bro Down".

Ms. Bronski

Main article: Ms. Bronski

Ms. Bronski is new elementary school nurse and was first introduced in "Ass Burgers".

Muscleman Marc

Main article: Muscleman Marc

Muscleman Marc was one of Cartman's toys who appeared in "1%".

Natalie Portman

Main article: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is an actress who assists The History Channel and Miles Standish in "A History Channel Thanksgiving".

Prince and Princess of Canada

Main article: Prince and Princess of Canada

The Prince and Princess of Canada are Canadian Royalty who got married in "Royal Pudding".

Rebecca Turnod

Main article: Rebecca Turnod

Rebecca Turnod is the Surgeon General of the United States. She appeared in "T.M.I.".

Secret Society of Cynics

Main article: Secret Society of Cynics

The Secret Society of Cynics is a group of freedom fighters who were featured in "Ass Burgers".

Selena Gomez

Main article: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is an actress and teen pop singer who was assaulted by the South Park Elementary school faculty in "Bass to Mouth" on the request of Eric Cartman.


Main article: Slash

Slash is a musician and songwriter seen in "Crack Baby Athletic Association".

Stephen Tamill

Main article: Stephen Tamill

Stephen Tamil was a fifth grader who wanted to get revenge on Cartman in "1%".

Steve Jobs

Main article: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was the former CEO of Apple Inc. He appeared in "HUMANCENTiPAD".

Tooth Decay

Main article: Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay is a creature who kidnapped the Princess of Canada in "Royal Pudding".

Two Farmers

Main article: Two Farmers

The Two Farmers were two old men at the bowling alley who were Steamy Ray Vaughn's only audience in "You're Getting Old".

Tyler Perry

Main article: Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a comedian who appears in "Funnybot".

United States Border Patrol

Main article: United States Border Patrol

The U.S. Border Patrol controls who goes into America. They appeared in "The Last of the Meheecans".

Vernon Trumski

Main article: Vernon Trumski

Vernon Trumski is an overweight kid who is the owner of Lemmiwinks in "Bass to Mouth".

Wayne D

Main article: Wayne D

Wayne D made his first appearance in "T.M.I.", where he goes to Anger Management.

The Weatherheads

Main article: Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead

Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead are foster parents who appeared in "The Poor Kid".

The Whipples

Main article: Mr. and Mrs. Whipple

Mr. and Mrs. Whipple are a couple who appear in "The Last of the Meheecans".


Main article: Wikileaks

Wikileaks was an evil rat that listened to kids' gossip and posted them on the website "Eavesdropper". It appeared in "Bass to Mouth".

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