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This list is for minor characters from the eleventh season of South Park.

Abraham LincolnEdit

Main article: Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States who appeared as a ghost in "The List".


Main article: Allison

Allison is a lesbian Ms. Garrison meets in "D-Yikes!".

Angelina JolieEdit

Main article: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie appeared in "Lice Capades", where Travis Mayfield is saved by a fly which transports him to a Lice colony in her pubic hair.

Baahir Hassam Abdul HakeemEdit

Main article: Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem

Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem is a fourth grader Cartman suspects to be a terrorist in "The Snuke".

Bill DonohueEdit

Main article: Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue is the main antagonist in "Fantastic Easter Special".


Main article: Bono

Bono is a singer who appears in "More Crap".


Main article: Bradley ("Cartman Sucks")

Bradley was Butters' "Acountibilibuddy" at Camp New Grace in "Cartman Sucks".



Bryan was Hillary Clinton's aide in "The Snuke".

Charles KincadeEdit

Main article: Charles Kincade

Charles Kincade is the manager for the Kincade Talent Agency who appears in "Guitar Queer-O".

Chris HansenEdit

Main article: Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen appeared in "Le Petit Tourette", hosting a program about Cartman's Tourette's Syndrome.

Council of NineEdit

The Council of Nine
Main article: Council of Nine

The Council of Nine is the ruling body over the world of Imaginationland. It was featured in "Imaginationland, Episode II" and "Imaginationland, Episode III".

David NelsonEdit

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
Main article: Dr. David Nelson

David Nelson is a midget who appeared in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", where he is mocked by Cartman.

European Fecal Standards and Measurements BoardEdit

Main article: European Fecal Standards and Measurements Board

The European Fecal Standards and Measurements Board is an organization devoted to research on feces that appears in "More Crap".


Main article: Glen

Glen was in charge of the public safety department at the town meeting in "Night of the Living Homeless".

Hare Club for MenEdit

Main article: Hare Club for Men

The Hare Club for Men is an organization which was featured in the episode "Fantastic Easter Special".

Hillary ClintonEdit

Main article: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a politician who first appears in the episode "The Snuke".

Hillbilly BrigadeEdit

Anti-Racist Rednecks
Main article: Hillbilly Brigade

In "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", the Hillbilly Brigade chased and harassed Randy because he used the word "nigger" on Wheel of Fortune.

Jake JabsEdit

Main article: Jake Jabs

Jake Jabs appeared as a local celebrity at Charles Kincade's party in "Guitar Queer-O".

Jay CutlerEdit

Main article: Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler appeared in the episode "Guitar Queer-O" as a local celebrity at Charles Kincade's party.

Jesse JacksonEdit

Main article: Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson is an African-American civil rights activist who appeared in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson".

Kelly MayfieldEdit

Travis and kelly
Main article: Kelly Mayfield

Kelly is the wife of Travis Mayfield in "Lice Capades".

Mayor of ImaginationlandEdit

Main article: Mayor of Imaginationland

The Mayor of Imaginationland is the mayor of Imaginationland (Location) who appears in "Imaginationland".

Michael BayEdit

Main article: Michael Bay

Michael Bay is a Hollywood director who appears in "Imaginationland".

M. Night ShyamalanEdit

Main article: M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan is a director who appeared in "Imaginationland".

Mr. DonaldsonEdit

Main article: Mr. Donaldson

Mr. Donaldson is a leader of "Tourette's Tolerance and Understanding Foundation" in "Le Petit Tourette".


Main article: Nelly

Nelly was the keeper of the lists in "The List", which Butters (acting on the order of Cartman) attempted to get from her by kicking her in the "balls".

Pat SajakEdit

Main article: Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak is the host of Wheel of Fortune who appears in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson".

Patty NelsonEdit

Patty Nelson
Main article: Patty Nelson

Patty Nelson appeared in "Le Petit Tourette" briefly as a girl that Eric Cartman blurts out he fancies, to the shock of Patty.

Pope Benedict XVIEdit

Main article: Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI was the Catholic pope who appeared in "Fantastic Easter Special".

Professor TeabagEdit

Main article: Professor Teabag

Professor Teabag appeared in the episode "Fantastic Easter Special". He showed Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski the secrets behind the Hare Club for Men and what they protected.

Queen Elizabeth IIEdit

Main article: Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the current rule member of the English Royal family. She appears in "The Snuke".

Ron ZappoloEdit

Main article: Ron Zappolo

Ron Zappolo appeared as a local celebrity at Charles Kincade's party in "Guitar Queer-O".


Main article: Thad

Thad is a kid who is an expert guitar player, on a Guitar Hero game controller, in "Guitar Queer-O".


Main article: Thomas

Thomas is a boy with Tourette's Syndrome who appears in "Le Petit Tourette".

Tom ShaneEdit

Main article: Tom Shane

Tom Shane appeared as a local celebrity at Charles Kincade's party in "Guitar Queer-O".

Travis MayfieldEdit

Travis and kelly
Main article: Travis Mayfield

Travis is a louse who lived in Clyde's hair in Lice Capades.

The Ugly KidsEdit

Ugly Kids
Main article: The Ugly Kids

The Ugly Kids are a group of students that appear in "The List".

Vanna WhiteEdit

Main article: Vanna White

Vanna White is the co-host of Wheel of Fortune who appears in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson".

Vice President GregEdit

Main article: Vice President Greg

Vice President Greg is a louse who lives in Clyd'es hair in "Lice Capades".

Vladimir StolfskyEdit

Main article: Vladimir Stolfsky

Vladimir Stolfsky is a Russian terrorist hired by the British Royal family in "The Snuke".


Main article: Xerxes

Xerxes is leader of the Persians. She appears in "D-Yikes!".

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