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This page is for the various "memes" portrayed in "Faith Hilling".

"Faith Hilling"


Cartman "faith hilling" at the 2012 Colorado Republican Debate.

"Faith Hilling" involves pulling your shirt out near the nipple area in order to resemble breasts. According to a news report, it had seen world-wide popularity before being replaced with "Taylor Swifting". This meme was later brought back into popularity by Cartman.


Tebowing is a neologism for the act of kneeling on one knee in prayer specifically with one's head bowed and an arm resting on the one bent knee, when kneeling, a form of genuflecting.[155][156] It is derived from Tebow's propensity for kneeling and praying. The origin of the phrase is credited to fan Jared Kleinstein, who posted a picture with friends on Facebook, in which they mimicked a pose of Tebow following the Broncos' comeback overtime victory over the Dolphins on October 23, 2011.

"Taylor Swifting"


Boy with Green Coat "Taylor Swifting" in front of Café Monet.

"Taylor Swifting" consisted of taking off your pants and undergarments and dragging your bare bottom across the ground. After learning it replaced "faith hilling", the boys confronted a group of children performing the meme in front of Café Monet. The situation later devolved into a fight, resulting in the other children being put in the hospital.

"Cat Breading"


A reporter reporting on the new "Cat Bread" meme.

This meme consisted of Cats taking pictures of themselves with bread on their faces and uploading them to the internet. Mr. Kitty was a notable participant, much to Cartman's chagrin.

"Oh Long Johnsoning"


A teen being hit by baseballs while attempting to "Oh Long Johnson" inside a batting cage.

Oh Long Johnsoning was performed by putting yourself in a dangerous situation and seeing how many times you could say "Oh Long Johnson" before getting out of the way. It caused several deaths. This meme is notable for being the only "cross-species" meme, as it was originally performed by a cat before spreading to humans.



A reporter about to be hit by a train while reporting.

This meme consisted of a person wearing a trenchcoat and talking about the dangers of "memeing".


"Oh Long Johnsoning" + "Taylor Swifting"


Stan performing this combination of memes.

This meme was a combination of Oh Long Johnsoning and Taylor Swifting. It was performed by dragging your bottom across the ground while saying "Oh Long Johnson". Stan was caught performing this meme by the rest of the boys, resulting in them temporarily falling out.

"Cat Bread-Taylor Swift Reporting"


Cartman "Cat Bread-Taylor Swift Reporting".

This meme was a combination of "Taylor Swifting", "Cats with Bread on their Faces", and "Reporting. Cartman performed it in front of Café Monet by dragging his bare bottom across the ground while holding his cat, who had a piece of bread on his face; he also repeated "Taylor Swift is dangerous" several times.



Cartman and several Republican presidential candidates "pandering".

This meme consisted of a combination of Republican "hopefuls" dancing around and "faith hilling" as well as a celebrity-bashing song. It was performed after Cartman successfully brought "faith hilling" back into popularity.

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