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This is a full list of junk items that can be found in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Junk items serves no real purpose in the game other than being collectible items.

Picture Name Sell Price ($) Location Reference
Ic item fatty doo.png
"Fatty Doo Doo" DVD 0.80 Obtained from the drawers in Cartman's room "Raising the Bar"
Ic item gazungas.png
"Guzunga's" Gentleman's Magazine
Ic item spirit of xmas.png
"The Spirit of Christmas" Film Reel "The Spirit of Christmas"
Ic item what changes VHS.png
"What Are These Changes?" VHS "Taming Strange"
Ic item what happened.png
"What Happened To My School" 1.00 "Dances with Smurfs"
Ic item kraft dinner.png
A Bowl of Craft Dinner "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus"
Ic item aids ribbon.png
AIDS 0.60 "Tonsil Trouble"
Ic item afghani goat.png
Afghani Goat "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants"
Ic item alabama man.png
Alabama Man "Chinpokomon"
Ic item antioniobanderes.png
Antonio Banderas Love Doll 0.70 "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery
Ic item bad armband.png
Armband 0.30 Obtained from killing Nazi Zombies
Ic item assesoffire.png
Asses of Fire 2 poster 0.20 "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer"
Ic item bff.png
BFF Necklace "Best Friends Forever"
Ic item brkn ray gun.png
Baby Fark McGee-zax's Broken Pistol 1.20 "Pinewood Derby"
Ic item backdoor sluts9 VHS.png
Backdoor Sluts 9 "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers"
Ic item anal tickler.png
Backdoor Tickler 0.40 "The Entity"
Ic item bat.png
Barry Bonds Bat 0.70
Ic item bball card.png
Baseball Card "The Losing Edge"
Ic item bass guitar.png
Bass Guitar 1.00 "Christian Rock Hard"
Ic item kk shield.png
Battered Shield
Ic item big mambas.png
Big Mamba Condoms "The Ring"
Ic item douche award.png
Biggest Douche Award "The Biggest Douche in the Universe"
Ic item hobo bindle.png
Black Thunder 0.60
Ic item blob stemcell.png
Blob of Stem Cells "Kenny Dies"
Ic item bottle cap.png
Bottle Cap 0.20
Ic item ging sunscrn.png
Bottle of Sunscreen 0.20
Ic item bowling trophy.png
Bowling Trophy
Ic item boyband picture.png
Boy Band Photo
Ic item leash young boy.png
Boy-sized Leash 0.25
Ic item brad survival.png
Brad Pitt Survival Gear Kit 1.20 Obtained from the drawers in Cartman's room "World War Zimmerman"
Ic item brk bottle.png
Broken Bottle 0.10
Ic junk clyde chain.png
Broken Chain
Ic item broken pick.png
Broken Gnome Pick
Ic item brkn hilt.png
Broken Sword Hilt 0.25
Ic item bruce photo.png
Bruce Vilanch Headshot
Ic item butters goo.png
Butters' Creamy Goo 0.50 "Sarcastaball"
Ic item creame fraiche.png
Cafeteria Fraiche "Crème Fraiche"
Ic item calculator.png
Calculator 0.60
Ic item canadian adoption.png
Canadian Adoption Papers "It's Christmas in Canada"
Ic item can gem.png
Canadian Gemstone
Ic item can treasure.png
Canadian Treasure
Ic item worn scabbard.png
Cardboard Roll
Ic item ceramic shard.png
Ceramic Shard 0.15
Ic item chrm bracelet.png
Charm Bracelet
Ic item hair tampon.png
Cherokee Hair Tampon 0.30 "Cherokee Hair Tampons"
Ic item foul femurs.png
Chicken Bones 0.05
Ic item cloth fragment.png
Cloth Fragment
Ic junk clyde rulebook.png
Clyde's Rulebook
Ic item cog on spring.png
Ic item coon poster.png
Coon Poster 0.25 Obtained from the drawers in Cartman's room "The Coon"
Ic item crack pipe.png
Crack Pipe 0.30
Ic item crank prank.png
Crank Prank Time Phone 1.60 Obtained from the drawers in Cartman's room "Go God Go"
Ic item crump lantern.png
Crumpled Lantern
Ic item crumbled paper.png
Crumpled Paper 0.05
Ic item cyborg bill.png
Cyborg Bill Action Figure
Ic item dmv literature.png
DMV Literature 0.40 "Let Go, Let Gov"
Ic item brkn ray gun.png
Destroyed Laser Pistol 1.00
Ic item d claw.png
Dire Claw
Ic item d heart.png
Dire Heart
Ic item d scale.png
Dire Scale
Ic item dreidel.png
Dreidel 0.30 "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics"
Ic item elf ear.png
Elf Ear 0.50 Obtained from killing the Drow Elves
Ic item glue.png
Empty Glue Bottle 0.05
Ic item faith one.png
Faith +1 CD 0.40 Obtained from the drawers in Cartman's room "Christian Rock Hard"
Ic item fishsticks.png
Fish Sticks "Fishsticks"
Ic item five fister.png
Five-Fingered Fister 0.50
Ic item fork.png
Fork 0.10
Ic item brkn bulb.png
Fractured Bulb
Ic item kk slingshot.png
Fractured Slingshot
Ic item ging btn.png
GSM Button 0.05 Obtained from killing Hallway Monitors "Ginger Kids"
Ic item girl list.png
Girls' List "The List"
Ic item glass shard.png
Glass Shard 0.15
Ic item brkn crystal.png
Glowing Crystal Fragment 0.25
Ic item glowing goo.png
Glowing Goo 0.35
Ic item gnometeeth.png
Gnome Teeth
Ic item guinea costume.png
Guinea Pig Costume "Pandemic 2: The Startling"
Ic item hawaii id.png
Hawaiian ID Card 0.40 "Going Native"
Ic item head of powell statue.png
Head of the Powell Statue "The Simpsons Already Did It"
Ic item highlighter.png
Highlighter 0.08
Ic item pig heart.png
Honey Boo Boo's Pig Heart "Raising the Bar"
Ic item ice cream.png
Ice Cream 0.15
Ic item ike tobacco.png
Ike's Chewing Tobacco "Taming Strange"
Ic item ike love drawing.png
Ike's Love Drawing 0.30 "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy"
Ic item inspec butters.png
Inspector Butters Badge 0.60 Obtainable from the Stotch living room "Butters' Very Own Episode"
Ic item intellilink.png
Intellilink Manual "Taming Strange"
Ic item jack rabbit.png
Jack Rabbit 0.40
Ic item scout guide.png
Jew Scout Guide "Jewbilee"
Ic item lice.png
Lice "Lice Capades"
Ic item jr dectives.png
Lil' Crime Stopper Badges "Lil' Crime Stoppers"
Ic item lil minis.png
Lil' Minis Condoms "Proper Condom Use"
Ic item lion king.png
Lion King DVD 0.50
Ic item macaroni pic.png
Macaroni Pictures 0.30 "Jewbilee"
Ic item mahalo rewards.png
Mahalo Rewards Card 0.40 "Going Native"
Ic item m leaf.png
Maple Leaf
Ic item margarita blender.png
Margaritaville Deluxe Margarita Blender "Margaritaville"
Ic item maker1.png
Marker 0.10
Ic item medical weed card.png
Medical Marijuana Card "Medicinal Fried Chicken"
Ic item hair gel.png
Metrosexual Hair Gel "South Park is Gay!"
Ic item microchip.png
Microchip 0.40
Ic item construction set.png
Mr. Hankey Construction Set "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo
Ic item mackey mug.png
Mr. Mackey's Coffee Mug
Ic item mr twig.png
Mr. Twig
Ic item mysterion pic.png
Mysterion Picture "The Coon"
Ic item nambla cal.png
NAMBLA Calendar "Cartman Joins NAMBLA"
Ic item nascar id.png
NASCAR Members Club ID "Poor and Stupid"
Ic item d fang.png
Needle-sharp Dire Fang
Ic item fang.png
Needle-sharp Fang 0.15
Ic item pencil.png
No. 2 Pencil 0.05
Ic item okama gamesphere.png
Okama Gamesphere 2.00 "Towelie"
Ic item old bball glove.png
Old Baseball Glove 0.25
Ic item old sponge.png
Old Sponge 0.10
Ic item sea people.png
Packet of Sea People 0.50 Obtained from Cartman's bathroom "The Simpsons Already Did It"
Penis Composite Sketch 0.20
Ic item phil collins oscar.png
Phil Collins' Oscar 0.90 "Timmy 2000"
Ic item phillip doll.png
Philip Action Figure 0.30
Ic item fiance.png
Picture of Mr. Adler's Fiancé 0.20 "Tweek vs. Craig"
Ic item nichole pic.png
Picture of Nichole
Ic item wendy pic.png
Picture of Wendy
Ic item pile splinters.png
Pile of Splinters 0.05
Ic item toy car.png
Pinewood Derby Car 0.40 "Pinewood Derby"
Ic item shard.png
Pixelated Shard
Ic item popcorn necklace.png
Popcorn Necklaces 0.25
Ic item queefy sore relief.png
Positive Queefy Sore Test
Ic item pubes.png
Pubes 0.05 "Scott Tenorman Must Die"
Ic item purity ring.png
Purity Ring "The Ring"
Purple Passion 0.40
Ic item lexus pic.png
Raisins Girl Picture 0.35 "Raisins"
Ic item breathalyzer.png
Randy's DUI Record 0.50 "Bloody Mary"
Ic item reach for skyler.png
Reach For The Skyler CD "Timmy 2000"
Ic item rectl camera.png
Rectal Photography Kit 0.50
Ic item gnomeshoe.png
Ripped Boot
Ic item tinfoil.png
Roll of Tin Foil
Ic item rusty pipe.png
Rusty Pipe 0.25
Ic item smore schnapps.png
S'mores Schnapps 0.50 "The Red Badge of Gayness"
Ic item stanground.png
STANground Scause "A Scause For Applause"
Ic item scissors.png
Safety Scissors 0.20
Ic item sarcastiball.png
Sarcastaball Trophy "Sarcastaball"
Ic item school book.png
School Book 0.40
Ic item screwdriver.png
Screwdriver 0.30
Ic item sea man.png
Sea-Man Action Figure
Ic item shakeweight.png
Shake Weight Obtained from the master bedroom drawers in Stan's house "Crème Fraiche"
Ic item brkn arrow.png
Shattered Arrow 0.15
Ic item scimitar blade.png
Shattered Scimitar Blade
Ic item shreaded plastic.png
Shredded Plastic 0.35
Ic item locket.png
Small Locket
Ic item smallpaw.png
Small Paw 0.20
Ic item soap rope.png
Soap on a Rope 0.40
Ic item space cash.png
Space Cash 1.00 Obtained from killing Visitors "Pinewood Derby"
Ic item sparky leash.png
Sparkey's Leash
Ic item spider limb.png
Spider Limb
Ic junk clyde spike band.png
Spiked Wristband
Ic item city sushi.png
Spoiled City Sushi "City Sushi"
Ic junk vamps blood.png
Spoiled Clamato Juice 0.20 "The Ungroundable"
Ic item royal pudding.png
Spoiled Royal Pudding "Royal Pudding"
Ic item spoon.png
Spoon 0.10
Ic item squished eye.png
Squished Eyeball 0.35
Ic item st peter.png
St. Peter 1.00 "Fantastic Easter Special"
Ic item strange tamer.png
Strange Tamer 0.60 "Taming Strange"
Ic item straw.png
Striped Straw 0.05
Ic item ssw doll.png
Stupid Spoiled Whore Doll "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset"
Ic item sunbrella.png
Sunbrella 0.40
Ic item sparkle stickers.png
Sunshine Sparkle Stickers
Super Phun Thyme Tickets 0.30 Obtained from the drawers in Cartman's room "Super Fun Time"
Ic item tv award.png
TV Award "Funnybot"
Ic item tap shoes.png
Tap Shoes 0.60 Obtainable from the drawers in Butters' room "You Got F'd in the A"
Ic item terrance doll.png
Terrance Action Figure 0.30
The Hammer 0.80
The Milkman 0.50
Ic item poop book.png
The Poop that Took a Pee 0.60 Two copies obtainable from the Stotch living room "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs"
Ic item sword truths.png
The Sword of a Thousand Truths "Make Love, Not Warcraft"
Ic item toiletpaper.png
Toilet Paper 0.30 "Toilet Paper"
Ic item kk bedsheet.png
Torn Bed Sheet
Ic item piece of elf cloak.png
Torn Cloak Fragment 0.30
Ic item brk condom.png
Torn Condom
Ic item torn underpants.png
Torn Underpants
Ic item toy car.png
Toy Car 0.15
Ic item toy horse.png
Toy Horse
Ic item toy truck.png
Toy Truck 0.20
Ic item tuft fur.png
Tuft of Fur 0.15
Ic item turd ballot.png
Turd Sandwich Ballot 0.15 "Douche and Turd"
Ic item usb.png
USB Drive 0.50
Ic item urinal deuce.png
Urinal Deuce "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce"
Ic item used firework.png
Used Firework
Used Jaggon 0.25 "Cancelled"
Ic item used syringe.png
Used Syringe 0.35
Ic item shadow of cyclopsus.png
Video Game 0.80
Ic item web wad.png
Wad of Web 0.10
Ic item boots.png
Well-shined Boots 0.30
Ic item white trash VHS.png
White Trash In Trouble VHS "The Poor Kid"
Ic item action bike.png
Wild Wacky Action Bike 2.00 "Chinpokomon"
Ic item wing cd.png
Wing CD "Wing"