This is a list of Creek Yaoi art that can be obtained in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

Image Title Location Ability Requirements
After School Special.png
After School Special Jimmy's House, Garage Buddy Power: Sandblaster
Bedside Manners.png
Bedside Manners Bank of South Park, Interior None
Brush Buddies.png
Brush Buddies The Peppermint Hippo, Management Office Buddy Power: Haywire
Can You Read My Mind.png
Can You Read My Mind? Freeman's Tacos, Restroom None
Craig and Tweek; Crotch Rabu.png
Craig and Tweek: Crotch Rabu Photo Dojo, Interior Snap N Pops
Craig and Tweek; Heart Peeps.png
Craig and Tweek: Heart Peeps Stan's House, Shelly's Room Snap N Pops
Easy Breezy Daisy Boizu.png
Easy Breezy Daisy Boizu Kenny's House, Garage None
Extra-Curricular Big Gay Al's House, Hallway Snap N Pops
Gaze of Thunder.png
Gaze of Thunder Bebe's House, Bebe's Room Snap N Pops
Hanabi Waltz.png
Hanabi Waltz City Hall, Exterior None
Happy Return.png
Happy Return Kenny's House, Karen and Kevin's Room None
Hard Candy.png
Hard Candy Sloppy 2nds, Interior None
I Choose You.png
I Choose You Church, Storage Room None
Just One Kiss.png
Just One Kiss South Park Elementary, Main Hall Buddy Power: Fartkour
Kemonomimi Kiss.png
Kemonomimi Kiss Kevin Stoley's House, Living Room Buddy Power: Haywire
Snap N Pops
Open Lotus.png
Open Lotus Clyde's House, Garage None
Push Me Higher.png
Push Me Higher Main Street Office, CBAA Office None
Room for One More.png
Room for One More Community Center, Men's Restroom TimeFart: Pause
Snap N Pops
Schooldazed South Park Elementary, Gymnasium None
Seme Surrender.png
Seme Surrender Henrietta's House, Mr. and Mrs. Biggle's Room Snap N Pops
Spoonful of Tweek.png
Spoonful of Tweek City Wok, Interior None
Stargaze South Park Senior Center, Interior None
Starlight Whispers.png
Starlight Whispers The Playground, Boy's Restroom None
Swept Away.png
Swept Away Park County Police Station, Break Room None
Touched by an Angel.png
Touched by an Angel Kyle's House, Attic None
Tounge in Tweek.png
Tounge in Tweek SoDoSoPa, Homeless Camp None
Tweek and Craig; Before the Storm.png
Tweek and Craig: Before the Storm Tweek Bros. Coffee, Interior Snap N Pops
Tweek and Craig; Fleeting Embrace.png
Tweek and Craig: Fleeting Embrace Butters' House, Garage Snap N Pops
Tweek and Craig; Golden Sparkle Days.png
Tweek and Craig: Golden Sparkle Days Stark's Pond North None
Tweek and Craig; Reaching for Love.png
Tweek and Craig: Reaching for Love City Hall, Interior Snap N Pops
Tweek and Craig; Reverse Lotus.png
Tweek and Craig: Reverse Lotus Cartman's House, Garage Buddy Power: Diabetic Rage
Tweek and Craig; Soul Cuddles.png
Tweek and Craig: Soul Cuddles Tweek Bros. Coffee, Storage Room Buddy Power: Diabetic Rage
Buddy Power: Fartkour
Snap N Pops
Tweek and Craig; Steaming Surprise.png
Tweek and Craig: Steaming Surprise Kyle's House, Ike's Room
Tweek and Craig; Super My Heart.png
Tweek and Craig: Super My Heart Raisins, Interior None
Tweek and Craig; Sweet Creams.png
Tweek and Craig: Sweet Creams Tom's Rhinoplasty, Surgical Room Snap N Pops
Tweek and Craig; White Nights.png
Tweek and Craig: White Nights Token's House, Workout Room None
Twilight Boizu.png
Twilight Boizu The South Park Gazette, Interior None
Twin Stick Shooters.png
Twin Stick Shooters Bijou Theater, Interior Buddy Power: Fartkour
Velveteen Dreams.png
Velveteen Dreams Nichole's House, Garage Buddy Power: Haywire
Who's Your Seme.png
Who's Your Seme? The Playground, Girl's Restroom None
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