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Linda Triscotti is a minor character that has, so far, only appeared in "Go God Go". She is from a strict Catholic family who reprimanded the school for trying to teach her and the other 4th grade students evolution. The only known information about her name is her last name, Triscotti[1].


She has dull brown hair with a purple clip in it. She appears to be a combination of Sally Turner and Heidi Turner. She wears a green coat with red trim and dark blue pants.


She seems to have a compassion to learn, telling her parents that she wants to learn evolution despite their strict Catholicism.


Mr. and Mrs. Triscotti

GirlwithGreenCoat Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Triscotti yelling at Principal Victoria for allowing their daughter to learn evolution.

In "Go God Go", her parents learned that South Park Elementary was teaching evolution, which angered them due to them being strict Catholics. They later complained to Principal Victoria that their daughter should not be learning evolution due to her faith. Despite her pleas that she wants to learn, her parents had her pulled out of the class.


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