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Linda Stotch

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Linda Stotch (previously Carol) is Butters Stotch's mother and Stephen Stotch's wife. She is voiced by Mona Marshall and first appears in the Season Four episode, "The Wacky Molestation Adventure". She was originally referred to as Carol in "Super Best Friends", however, she is referred to as Linda in "Butters' Very Own Episode".


Skills and Occupations[]

In "Die Hippie, Die", she is revealed to be an engineer. She also serves on the City Council as the treasurer.

In "Butters' Very Own Episode", she is shown to have at least some skill in wall painting. When she goes temporarily insane, she spends all day painting coat after coat of paint on the walls in her house. Indeed, Butters even says that his father should get her a larger paintbrush for their anniversary.


Linda wears a maroon sweater, a calf-length purple skirt, and black flats. She has shoulder-length blonde hair, and a long, slim face. Her breasts are lopsided, with her right breast being noticeably larger than her left. She also wears red lipstick, much like Sheila Broflovski and Liane Cartman.

For special occasions, she wears a red dress, as seen in the award ceremony in "The Death Camp of Tolerance".

In "It's a Jersey Thing", Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey said she had yellow teeth.

In South Park: Post Covid, Linda aged into an old woman with gray hair. She has retained her original outfit.

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Linda is shown to be a quiet, submissive woman. She is often seen reading or cleaning the house. She tends to be more sympathetic and tender toward her son but goes along with her husband's parenting methods because she feels he knows more about it than she does. She has shown on a couple of occasions that she has low self-esteem, such as "Butters' Very Own Episode". She is revealed to think more highly of Stephen's anniversary gifts than he does of hers. She is also shown to be quite sadistic in this episode. She also seems to be very mentally unstable, going insane when she found out her husband is bisexual and cheated on her with several gay men to the point of her attempting to kill both Butters and herself.

Criminal Record[]

  • Assault/child abuse: In "Jared Has Aides", she and her husband beat up Butters for swearing at them when it was really Cartman who swore at them.
  • Attempted murder: In "Butters' Very Own Episode", she went insane when she found out her husband was going to places for homosexuals and tried to kill Butters, so he would not be raised by a 'sick pervert'.
  • Human trafficking: In "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", she is willing to sell Butters as Paris Hilton's pet for a large sum of money.
  • Lying To authorities and making a false police report: In "Butters' Very Own Episode", she and her husband file a false police report that Butters was kidnapped by a Puerto Rican man when he was actually in a car streaming in bodies of water by her.
  • Indecent exposure: In "Christmas Snow", she rides an ATV while topless.
  • Armed robbery: In South Park: The End of Obesity, Linda, along with many of the other South Park mothers and Randy, entered Main St. Pharmacy armed with guns and robbed the place of its supply of diet drugs.
  • Assault: In South Park: The End of Obesity, Linda, Mrs. Tweak, and Laura Tucker beat up a truck driver in order to aid Randy in stealing a truck carrying a shipment of diet drugs.


Stephen Stotch[]

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Linda with her husband Stephen.

Stephen Stotch is Linda's husband. They normally appear to be a sweet and loving couple, often on the same wavelength regarding each other and their raising of their son Butters. However, their marriage suffered a painful shock when Linda discovered that Stephen was having homosexual affairs, which drove her insane and she attempted to kill Butters and later herself. While attempting to cover-up the supposed murder of their son, they created an elaborate lie regarding "some Puerto Rican guy". However, the lie soon became too complicated, and they fought constantly over how to keep the story straight, until at last confessing the truth. They seem to have recovered from that incident and have never discussed it again.

Leopold "Butters" Stotch[]

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Linda with Butters moments before she attempts to kill him.

Butters is Linda's son. She loves him dearly and is relatively tender to him. She does get angry or annoyed by him on occasion and has abused him in the past. In "Jared Has Aides" she is shown abusing him, however only because Cartman posed as Butters and insulted her.

While she is a lot nicer to Butters than Stephen, and hugs and kisses him a lot, but like his father, she has punished him and abused him absurdly before. In "How to Eat with Your Butt", she punishes Butters and keeps him confined to his room for supposedly making silly faces for his school picture, even though that is actually how he looks.

The most significant thing Linda ever did to Butters would have to be in "Butters' Very Own Episode". After she asked Butters to spy on Stephen and find out what he was giving her for their anniversary, Butters told her that he had gone to a strange bathhouse and was doing something weird with his genitals when he saw him. This caused Linda to go temporarily insane, and she drove Butters into the lake and left him there to drown, in an act similar to murderess Susan Smith.


She seems to hang out with the other mothers in South Park often. She and Stephen seem closest to Sheila and Sharon. Perhaps this is because their son was the fourth friend of the main characters for a while in the sixth season, during Kenny's semi-permanent death.

Although she is thought to be friends with the other boys' moms, Sharon Marsh said that she was sometimes annoying in "Crème Fraiche".




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