Limey Charles Worcestershire Sauce is a sauce seen in the Season One episode, "Pinkeye".


In "Pinkeye", Kenny McCormick dies and is taken to the South Park Morgue. At the Morgue, the mortician and his assistant are working on preparing Kenny for a funeral, with embalming fluid. During the process, the assistant begins to eat a hotdog, and proceeds to use Limey Charles Worcestershire Sauce as a condiment.

While Kenny's blood is being replaced by embalming fluid, the bottle of the Worcestershire sauce is accidentally mixed with the fluid, which causes Kenny to turn into a zombie. Having typical zombie behavior, Kenny proceeds to escape the morgue and infect other townsfolk.

In an effort to quell the zombie horde, Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman begin to use chainsaws to decapitate the vicious zombies. During this time, Kyle Broflovski calls the Limey Charles' support line. The support representative advises Kyle that rather than decapitating the zombies, they should instead kill the original zombie, Kenny. Kyle saws Kenny in half and all the zombies return to their original, normal state.


  • Worcestershire sauce is a real condiment invented in 1837 by two British dispensing chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins.
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