Lil' Qties is a group of students who are part of QAnon. They are one of the main antagonists of the Season Twenty-Four episode, "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


Several parents hire QAnon supporters as private tutors for their kids after pulling them out of school as a result of Mr. Garrison returning to South Park Elementary. This leads to some of the kids being brainwashed and forming "Lil' Qties" to stop the boys from distributing the vaccines to the teachers. They believe the vaccines are harmful because the Hollywood Elites put mind-control chips in them.


The members of Lil' Qties are Scott Malkinson, Clyde Donovan, an unnamed blonde girl, Butters Stotch, DogPoo Petuski, Nate, Red McArthur, Adam Borque, and Millie Larsen. Butters claims that he participates in the group because he wants to believe in something that would get him out of his house, no matter what it is.



  • The group (along with their poses) are a reference to the controversial French film licensed by Netflix, Cuties.
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