"Let's Come Together As a School" is a song performed by Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner in the Season Twenty episode, "Douche and a Danish".


Cartman and Heidi are trying to make boys and girls get along with each other again, by organizing an event, where they will have fun together and not fight anymore. This is the song that they sung together.


Both: Let's come together as a school.
Cartman: We can work together, hand in hand
to make the whole world understand that
Both: we came together as a school.
Cartman: Put our differences aside.
Feeling hope now, feeling pride.
No more fighting. It's time for something new.
Both: Let's come together as a school.
Heidi (Speaking): I really feel like this is the start of something new.
We're gunna help Denmark and Denmark is gunna put an end to trolls.
Cartman (Speaking): And then maybe, everyone can finally be as happy as we are.
Both: Let's come together as a school.
Cartman: Terraform Mars.

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