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Leslie Meyers was a female fourth grader and the main antagonist of Season Nineteen. She made her first appearance in the episode, "The Cissy ". She is killed by PC Principal in "PC Principal Final Justice" after she is exposed as a self-aware advertisement in human form.


Leslie was habitually caught by PC Principal chatting with her friend during school assemblies; this has become a recurring joke throughout Season 19. She was even called out when not actually chatting in "Tweek x Craig".

In "Naughty Ninjas", during the closing scene, it is revealed that PC Principal and Leslie may have some affiliation with each other.

In "Sponsored Content", she interviews Jimmy at the salesmen's headquarters and says she is "special", she asks if he is "special" too. Jimmy figures out Leslie is a human advertisement and becomes angry with the salesmen asking if she knows this as well.

In "Truth and Advertising", she escapes the newsman with Jimmy's assistance when he realizes they want to boil her alive. However, this turns out be a trick, and she then beats up Jimmy to carry out her plan.


She has long, black hair that is similar to Jenny Simons's in appearance. She wears a yellow shirt with a black and white robot head on it, green pants, and a large yellow headband. After being 'murdered' by PC Principal, her head is shown to be filled with a strange blue liquid and machinery.


Although she seems kind and friendly, she is cold and uncaring about human life or their well-being, as evidenced when she beat up Jimmy Valmer, even after he saved her from the newsmen's murder attempt, in order to carry out her plan. She is also very manipulative, as she emotionally manipulates both Jimmy and Kyle into helping her, even pretending to be attracted to the latter in order to advance her plans.


Vocal Manipulation

As an ad, she is shown to be able to perfectly imitate anyone's voice, as shown when she imitates President Barack Obama in "PC Principal Final Justice." Also as an ad, she can take human form and unlike humans, has blue blood when PC Principal kills her.


As an ad, she is also very cunning and manipulative. She successfully turns Jimmy, who is fully aware of her essence, into helping her escape from the Newsmen. Even the perfectly calm and rational Kyle was completely convinced that Leslie wasn't an ad.


Leslie can interrupt transmissions and insert ads. She uses this power to distract the Newsmen, making them unable to surveil, so that she can have enough time to entice Jimmy.


Leslie is shown to be incredibly strong, able to beat Jimmy unconscious and break the ceiling open just by throwing Jimmy at the ceiling. She does all of this with no visible signs of stress or even effort. She is also durable enough to briefly withstand an assault from PC Principal.


Jimmy Valmer

In her talk with him, he realizes she is an ad after her robotic responses. Despite this, in "Truth and Advertising", Jimmy appears to fall for her tricks and saves her from the Newsmen after hearing of their murder plans, which nearly gets them both killed. However, she double-crosses him to help Nathan with the Super School Newspaper to carry out her planned attack afterward.

PC Principal

She seems to not have a good relationship with PC Principal, with her getting yelled at four times by him for talking to her friend during a school assembly (and a fourth time when she wasn't actually doing anything). However, in "Naughty Ninjas", this is revealed as a cover-up for a plot against South Park. In "PC Principal Final Justice" she is revealed to be a sentient robot ad and is destroyed by PC Principal at The South Park Gun Show.

Kyle Broflovski

She came to Kyle at the end of "Truth and Advertising" because she had heard how good he was at getting messages across, and because she thought he was cute. Kyle then protects her, and she goes on to trick him into thinking that Jimmy is dead and that PC is the enemy. He then goes on to spread these lies to his friends, and at the South Park Gun Show.

Girl with Pink Coat

It is possible that they are best friends, as Leslie is always chatting with her. She seems to chat with her friend all the time, even at school assemblies. It is unknown if she knew Leslie was an ad.


  • Ginger Kids (background only)
  • "The Cissy" (background only)
  • "Where My Country Gone?" - Shown in the gym, chatting with her friend, and told to shut up by PC Principal.
  • "You're Not Yelping" - Seen in hallways; background only.
  • "Safe Space" - Shown in the gym, chatting with her friend, and once again told to stop by PC Principal.
  • "Tweek x Craig" - Shown in the gym, this time not chatting, but still called out by PC Principal during an assembly due to the fact that she was sitting next to her friend.
  • "Naughty Ninjas" - Shown in the gym, again not chatting, but PC Principal calls her out, as well as called the police. In the closing scene of the episode, she is shown to have some affiliation with PC Principal, apparently being involved in some sort of plot to take over the town.
  • "Sponsored Content" - First speaking role. She is referenced taking the test to determine whether a news story is real news or an advertisement in disguise. As she talks with Jimmy, Jimmy realizes that she is actually an advertisement herself, and not a person. It is not revealed if she knows she's an ad.
  • "Truth and Advertising" - She pulls an ad for cars to tell Jimmy that the newsmen want to boil her alive. Jimmy helps her escape from the newsmen when she tells him they plan to boil her alive. Despite this, she beats up Jimmy in order to edit the school paper. She later goes to Kyle's house and promises to tell him whats going on.
  • "PC Principal Final Justice" - She tricks Kyle into thinking that PC is the enemy. She is later murdered by PC Principal at the South Park Gun Show, ending her quest to stop the world being rid of ads.


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