Les Bos is a lesbian bar, called a "girl bar" by Allison, in South Park. It appeared in the episode "D-Yikes!" when Allison invited a frustrated Mrs. Garrison to the bar while at the gym. Garrison, being skeptical of the bar, wasn't aware of what "girl bar" meant until she was told when she arrived. After Garrison confided in Allison about her confusion about lesbian sexuality, they both had sex all night.

The next day, Garrison learns that Les Bos was to be bought by Persian club owners, who wanted to remodel it with cheesy decorations. It was after a futile attempt to persuade the Mayor to forbid the transaction that Garrison vowed to do whatever was necessary to save her new favorite bar.

After an awkward confrontation with the Persian leader, Xerxes, Garrison managed to not only save Les Bos, but she was able to keep it in its existing state, a lesbian bar. The address of the building, 13280, is a play on the word "lesbo".

Pronunciation Edit

  • Pronounced by Mrs. Garrison as "Lez bohz"
  • Pronounced by everyone else as "Leh boh"

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