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The Legless Boy is a boy without legs who appears in the Season Sixteen episode "Raising the Bar".


When Eric Cartman realizes he is fat and decides to get a mobility scooter to ride around in everywhere to make himself feel better about being obese, he ends up going to Disneyland, where he mocks a disabled boy without legs in the line for the Jungle Cruise for using a mobility scooter because he is not fat. The boy responds to him by informing Cartman about his disability, to which Cartman responds that he has skinny arms.


As described, he does not have any legs or feet, though it is unknown whether he was born without legs or lost them in an accident. He has brown hair and wears a blue shirt with "DISNEYLAND" written on it and the Disneyland castle as well as blue pants. He uses a red, black, and gray mobility scooter to get around.