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Legion of Doom was a league of super villains, formed by Christopher Reeve, with the mission to stop Hack-Man from getting the law passed to stop his eating of baby fetuses. These fetus's stem-cells keep Christopher fit by reversing the effects of his paralysis.


Christopher Reeve

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Christopher Reeve is an actor and activist in stem-cell research for persons with physical disabilities. He is also the founder of the Legion of Doom in the episode, "Krazy Kripples".

Osama bin Laden

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Osama bin Laden is the founder of the world terrorist organization Al-Qaeda that comes to aid of the South Park to defeat the New Jersians in the episode "It's a Jersey Thing".

Saddam Husein

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Saddam Hussein is the former dictator of Iraq and a former resident of Hell. He is a current resident of Heaven. He was last seen in the episode, "It's Christmas in Canada", where he was the deposed Prime Minister of Canada.

Kim Jong-il

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Kim Jong-il is the former leader of North Korea.

David Blaine

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David Blaine was previously seen as the founder of Blaintology in the episode, "Super Best Friends". In the aforementioned episode, he battled with the Super Best Friends.

Professor Chaos and General Disarray

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Butters Stotch's alter-ego Professor Chaos and his sidekick General Disarray were initially members of the Legion of Doom, however, they quit after realizing how sensitive the subject matter was, claiming that they should "stay out of this one." He was previously seen in the episode "My Future Self n' Me".

Dr. Victor von Doom

Dr. Victor von Doom is a comic-book villain created by Stan Lee.


Cheetah is a DC comic-book character. She is the arch-enemy of Wonder Woman.

Dr. Octopus

Dr. Octopus is a major antagonist in the Spider-Man series of comics.

Black Manta

Black Manta is a DC Comics villain. He is the arch-enemy of Aquaman.

Unnamed 12th Member

The twelfth member seen in the Legion of Doom is the most physically imposing, but has been given little backstory. He is most likely based off DC comic-book villain Solomon Grundy, who was originally a Mafia member from Prohibition times who was killed in a shootout, then later transformed into a revenant when revived by dark magic. He had also become much stupider, but this was due to decay ruining his memories of his former life. When he mentioned he "...died on Saturday", the other villains associated him with the Mother Goose rhyme of Solomon Grundy, and as such was commissioned with that name.


  • The group is a parody of the DC Comics' own Legion of Doom, despite many of its members being from rival comics company, Marvel.