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Laura Tucker, sometimes known only as Craig's mom, is Thomas Tucker's wife and is the mother of Craig and Tricia Tucker. Craig apparently does not care much for her, as he was seen flipping her off in the Season Three episode, "Tweek vs. Craig".


Thomas and Laura are introduced in a brief cutaway sequence in "Tweek vs. Craig" where they are simply shown imitating Craig's finger-flipping habit. Laura was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman in this appearance with a distinct nasal voice. Though her husband would quickly become a regular speaking member of the dads, she made relatively few speaking appearance in older seasons. In some of these episodes, she and her husband were depicted as 'rednecks' alongside the McCormick family or Jimbo Kern, who she was also seen speaking with in "Smug Alert!".

She and her husband would reappear with updated designs (see below) in "Pandemic" where they speak with The Boys' parents about their sons being missing. They are portrayed as much more emotional in this episode, deeply worried for their son's safety as they talk to the other parents, with Thomas holding Laura closely, and both defending Craig when he is considered a troublemaker. She was voiced here by Mona Marshall.

She and her husband were reintroduced with more defined voices, roles and designs in Laura's case (see below) in "The Magic Bush" after a drone catches her undressing. She appears much more outspoken than before, and calm compared to her debut, and is now voiced by Kimberly Brooks who has voiced her in most appearances since, though Marshall has returned on a couple occasions, such as "Not Funny" and "Splatty Tomato". Both Tuckers have taken on more active roles among the parents since then.

It is revealed in "The End of Serialization as We Know It" that her husband has sought other relationships and she is clearly devastated by this news and betrayed. Nonetheless during the final montage, both of them smile at each other, seeming to reconcile, and this has not been referenced since.

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Laura Tucker has blond, shoulder-length hair. Mrs. Tucker wears rosy red lipstick, like most of the other mothers, and appears to have very long eyelashes. She often wears a dull-green dress, with a white collar, a white belt around her waist, and white buttons going down her dress. She also appears to be very tall, like her husband and is seemingly the tallest of the female characters.

After "Pandemic", she and her husband received updated character designs, smoothening out their clothing and adding newer shading effects to their hair, as seen on multiple other characters.

In "The Magic Bush", she was re-designed much more significantly, updated to a new body type with a thinner face and stronger chin, her hairstyle was tweaked to fit the new head model, her eyelashes were removed, her shoulders were broadened and her arms were less long. Her main outfit was now changed to a green sleeveless shirt with a green, flower-coated skirt, however in a few episodes she is also seen with an updated version of the coat she wore in previous seasons, which now has short sleeves with a white trim similar to the collar, seen in "Tweek x Craig" and "Buddha Box". Also in this episode, it was revealed that she fashions naturally grown pubic hair (i.e., neither trimmed nor shaved), with this fact actually being the focus of the episode's subplot.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, her hair has completely whitened, and wears a significantly larger bead necklace. Her green skirt does not have the flower design.





  • Her character design was reused for another character, Billy Circlovich's mother, in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000".
  • Her first name was finally revealed in "The Magic Bush"; up until then she was only known as "Craig's Mom".
  • She has been subject to speculation regarding the fact that her husband has red hair, a recessive trait, and she has blonde hair, a recessive trait, but their son Craig has black hair, which is a dominant trait, suggesting that he could not have inherited it from them. Some fans suggest her hair is dyed, while others believe she has had an affair. This was unusually covered at South Park Studios.


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