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Larry Zewiski is a male 4th grader who made his debut appearance in the Season Twenty-Two episode "Unfulfilled". He is the winner of all bike parades as shown in "Bike Parade".


Larry has long blonde hair that is trimmed back at the fringe and sides that curves at the back to come out under the ears as sideburns. He wears a white tee and blue jacket with a tri-prong ornament necklace and standard jeans. He is usually grinning with a cocky smile.


In "Unfulfilled", Butters tells the boys that he will win the big prize at the bike parade and will finally beat Larry Zewiski. Larry arrives, mocking Butters, and then is accompanied by two Raisins girls, Porsche and Mercedes, which admire him and his bike. Larry continues to boast about how his bike is better, upsetting Butters, and leaves with the girls to show them his blue ribbons.

In "Bike Parade", Larry gets intimidated by Butters' bike and tells his father, who was part of the Amazon workers' strike, to start working again, so he can have a better bike at the bike parade.


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