Larry Feegan was Shelly Marsh's boyfriend in the Season Fifteen episode, "Broadway Bro Down".


Stan Marsh and his sister Shelly Marsh stay the weekend at the Feegan's home while Randy Marsh and Sharon Marsh go to see Broadway musicals in New York City.

During dinner, Shelly argues with Larry's father over the irrational way he is treating Larry. She suggests Larry can make his own decisions which would deter other children bullying him at school. Larry sees this as an act of bravery and begins trying to win the acceptance of Shelly.

As their friendship grows, Larry takes off his life vest, then he and Shelly go on a date to see the Broadway musical "Wicked" in Denver. Shelly's father, Randy Marsh, to save his daughter from acting on the "subliminal subtext" behind the play, he interrupts the performance dressed as Spider-Man. He causes a panic by accidentally breaking the water pipes thus flooding the theater. Ironically, Larry drowned due to him not wearing the life vest.


Larry was overweight, so much that his stomach bulged out of his shirt. He had blond hair, wore a striped yellow and green shirt with a pair of blue jeans, and had blushed/rosy cheeks. He used to constantly wear a life vest around his neck, but he took it off for Shelly. When he and Shelly went on their date, he wore a tuxedo and a purple bow tie. Whilst swimming, he wore purple swimming trunks.


Larry's parents are overprotective and force him to wear a life vest, even on dry land. His father is a bully who is overly preachy in his beliefs in veganism.


Shelly Marsh

Shelly reluctantly accepts Larry as a friend, until he sang her a song about how she inspired him to overcome the fears of his parents and make his own food choices. After removing his life vest, Shelly invites Larry to play "The Settlers of Catan" on Xbox 360.

Shelly is actually crying when after the show was ruined and she finds out that Larry has died.


  • His last name is a rhyming joke for vegan; as his family are practicing a vegan lifestyle, he is derogatorily called "Feegan the Vegan" by Cartman.
  • It is a bit odd that Larry is overweight despite that his father is shown to be muscular and his mother is shown to be thin. Although it's possible that he sneaks junk food and doesn't exercise, or because he has a wheat allergy/vitamin deficiency/glandular issue that caused him to become overweight.

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