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Larry appeared prominently in the Season Two episode, "Prehistoric Ice Man". He received a cameo appearance in the Season Seven episode, "I'm a Little Bit Country", where he was seen in the crowd at the end.


He was discovered by the boys, while pretending to be crocodile hunters in the woods. Kyle Broflovski wanted to call him Steve and Stan Marsh wanted to call him Gorak.

Stan and Kyle were able to remove Larry from the cavern and get him onto a sled. All four boys pushed the sled into town, thinking they would get a reward for finding the man. Dr. Mephesto took charge of the ice man, thawed him out, and discovered he was from the year 1996. He made a habitat for the ice man to live in, one that represented his era, and charged people admission to view him.

Stan went to help Larry escape, when Kyle showed up for the same objective. Before Stan could do anything, Kyle opened the habitat door and the man, who revealed that his name was Larry, escaped. He sought out his wife, Leslie, and found out she was with someone else and had two children; one of them, eight, and the other, thirteen. Because he was gone for only three years, this bewildered him.

Upon losing hope, he went to Stan's house to refreeze himself. He is thwarted when Kyle offered a better idea, moving Larry to Des Moines, Iowa. Larry agreed and was headed out of town, when he is confronted by Steve Irwin. After a helicopter and a train collided, Larry got into the helicopter and flew away to Des Moines, Iowa.


Larry wears blue pants, presumably jeans, a red plaid shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt, and untied red sneakers with orange outsole. He has conservative black hair and a trimmed, black beard. He has no other distinguishing features.



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