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Larry is a male 4th grader and a member of the South Park Vampire Society who made his first appearance in the Season Twelve episode, "The Ungroundable".


In "The Ungroundable", he is seen with Mike Makowski, Ryan Ellis, Annie Bartlett, and other vampire kids in the school gymnasium. The vampires discuss their new vampire names when Butters Stotch interrupts them with his recording.

He is later seen in the woods at the ceremony to induct Butters into the Vampire Society as a new vampire. Larry, Mike, Ryan, Annie, and several other vampires take Butters to Hot Topic and outfit him with a new look.

He was later seen in "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" at the noon meeting for the South Park Vampire Society. When Pete and Firkle interrupt the meeting to discuss the recent emo crisis, Larry accidentally spits on Pete while hissing.

He and other vampires in the Vampire Society make a brief appearance during the "Black Friday" trilogy, where they are seen throughout the episodes as part of Stan Marsh's army to fight for PlayStation 4 systems.


Larry wears black shoes, black pants, a blue shirt with black stripes and a black skull. He also wears a vest with faux-fur and black eye shadow that was made to appear runny. He has long brown hair that is combed back into a pony-tail, but is bald on the sides of his head.