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The Large-Breasted Woman appears in the Season Twelve episode, "Major Boobage".


She is a beautiful, large-breasted, scantily-dressed woman found only in the imaginary world visited by Kenny McCormick, Gerald Broflovski, and many other people when they get high on cat urine, referred to as "cheesing". While she never speaks, she seems to often have a knowing smile on her face.

During Kenny's and Gerald's high trips, they both go on various adventures with her to places named after euphemisms for breasts. This is further evidenced by Gerald's speech near the end of the episode. Her father, presumably the king, seems willing to offer up his daughter to whatever suitor who wants her, and will even suggest they wash her "rockin' tits". Gerald, however, points out that she is not real at all.

Apparently, Randy Marsh has seen her as well when he points out "you never get a good look at her naked boobs". While both Kenny and Gerald stay off of cat urine, Kenny finds a new way back to her while sniffing multiple flowers, and is cited to be getting "really high on life". It is likely that she does not exist in reality.


She wears a thin, light-blue bikini, a brown cowboy hat, and can sometimes be seen wearing shoulder pads. As the title suggests, she has large, over exaggerated breasts.


  • The large-breasted woman, was based on Taarna from Heavy Metal, with a few noticeable differences:
    • Taarna has white hair, while this woman has dirty blond hair.
    • This woman has shoulder pads on both shoulders, while Taarna has only one shoulder pad on her right shoulder.
    • Taarna does not wear any headgear, while this woman has a cowboy hat on.
    • Taarna has a glove on her right hand, while the large-breasted woman has no gloves.
    • Taarna's outfit consists of a small breast cover and a belt wrapped around the thong-like underwear area. The other woman's breast cover is larger and covers the area more while there's no belt covering the underwear.
    • Taarna is armed with a golden sword, while the large-breasted woman has no weapons at her disposal.
  • The large-breasted woman was portrayed by porn actress Lisa Daniels by filming her then animating over her in an animation process called rotoscoping (which was also how much of Heavy Metal, the movie the episode parodies, was animated).

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