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Lannie is a student at South Park Elementary. She first appears in Season Eleven episode "The List".


Lannie first appeared as a member of the Pleases and Sparkles Club in "The List" and was one of the many girls that made their first appearance in that episode. She also appears in the club in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

In a deleted scene of "Reverse Cowgirl" (which would have been her first speaking role), she is shown trying to cheer up Clyde Donovan after the death of his mother. She mentions that Fox had recently cancelled Terra Nova. She is also shown comforting Bebe Stevens in the hallways when Heidi Turner quit Twitter in "Skank Hunt". She is heard audibly crying in this episode.

In episodes such as "Skank Hunt", "Doubling Down" and "The Scoots", she is seen as part of the popular girls clique. However, she has no lines in any of those episodes and is mostly seen in the background.


Lannie has brown hair that is tied with a red hairband into a bun. She wears a lime sweater and pink pants.


Meagan Ridley[]

Lannie has been seen together with Meagan Ridley at several occasions, most notably at the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live show in "Taming Strange", and walking with her in the school hallway in "The Cissy". It can be assumed that they are close friends.