Lamond appeared in the Season Four episode, "Helen Keller! The Musical". Lamond's profession is an animal trainer he also is the owner of a turkey named Alinicia.


Lamond answers Jeffrey Maynard's call and bring his turkey, Alinicia, to the boy's show, but it refuses to collab with Timmy's turkey Gobbles. Cartman has no idea, so Lamond tells him to kill Gobbles with an "unfortunate accident". However Cartman kills Kenny instead.

Lamond comes up with another idea. He lies to Timmy that the animal shelter is going to take Gobbles away from him and torture it, so Timmy will let it go. He even falsely claims the water effect workers to be those animal shelter people. Timmy believes him at first but later, during the extravaganza, discovers the truth and find Gobbles. In return, He orders Jimbo and other hunters to shoot Alinicia, leaving Lamond in despair.


Lamond has thin cheeks, gray inch haircut, and gray whiskers. He is also hook nosed and wrinkled. He wears glasses.

He wears a dark gray long coat and green trousers for the outside, a sweater with pink and black stripes for the inside. He has a red scarf.


He is a very treacherous and selfish person, for he makes several schemes to get rid of Gobbles, to ensure that his turkey, Alinicia, will be the only star at the Thanksgiving event.


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