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Kyle's Elephant is an African elephant who appeared in the episode "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".


Mail-ordered by Kyle from Africa, the elephant's arrival in town lead the boys to make a bet that they could create a pot-bellied elephant (an elephant crossed with a pot-bellied pig) before Terrance Mephesto, Bill Allen, and Fosse McDonald could clone a whole human being for the school science fair.

With some help from Chef and Elton John, they eventually succeeded in getting Cartman's pot-bellied pig, Fluffy, and Kyle's elephant to make love. However, on the day when they were supposed to show their project, Fluffy had yet to give birth. Fortunately, Fluffy gave birth to a piglet with Mr. Garrison's face just in time, winning the competition. Based on the timing and resemblance, the elephant is not assumed to be the father.

Though Fluffy appeared again in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", neither the elephant nor the piglet has made any subsequent appearances, and the elephant's fate is unknown. He does appear in photographs in Kyle's room, like in "Mecha-Streisand", "Ike's Wee Wee", "Go Fund Yourself" and "Time To Get Cereal". Kyle also briefly mentions him while referencing the episode's events in "201".


He has a very simple design, with eyes on the front of his head, a long trunk, and large ears typical to an African bush elephant, as well as four pillar-like legs. He notably lacks tusks often associated with male elephants of all species.



  • No name was ever given for the elephant.
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