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Krishna is a Hindu deity who is a member of the Super Best Friends. His powers include shapeshifting and flight. He saved South Park from Barbra Streisand by pacifying her in in "201".


Krishna's most notable features are his light blue skin and "halo" around his head. Krishna wears a bejeweled crown on his head with what appears to be a variously shaded pink feather sticking out of the top of it. Krishna also wears a dark purple necklace, light purple strips of fabric on his wrists, a yellow and brown bracelet on his right wrist, loose fitting yellow dhoti with brown and blue decorations at their top, and a light orange sash.


He is a member of the Super Best Friends, so we can assume that he is heroic and cares about the safety of innocents.

Powers and Abilities

Krishna possesses the power of flight and can shapeshift into any animal or person.



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