The Kokujon man is an unnamed man who lives on the extraterrestrial planet of Kokujon and is Bradley Biggle's biological father who appeared in the Season Fourteen episode "Coon vs. Coon & Friends".


While Mintberry Crunch and Mysterion are fighting against Cthulhu and The Coon, a portal opens up suddenly, interrupting their fight. Inside the portal is an alien resembling a human man that reveals that he is Bradley's biological father and that Bradley's real name is "Gok-zarah". He also reveals that Bradley has actual superpowers, them being the ability to fly and shoot berries out of his hands.


The Kokujon man has brown hair with some spiky and poofy white hair on the top, brown eyebrows, and some slight facial stubble. He wears a white jacket over a white shirt that has three circles on it, white pants, and white shoes.



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