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Kobe Bean Bryant was an American professional basketball player, who spent his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. He appeared in "Here Comes the Neighborhood", as one of the rich people who moved to South Park. He appeared again in "Sexual Healing", in which he was treated at the Karne Institute for Sex Addiction with Kyle and Butters, and learned that his sex addiction was caused by a "Wizard Alien".

His real-life counterpart passed away along with his daughter Gianna "Gigi" Bryant in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles on January 26, 2020.


Kobe wears a purple "warm-up" suit with the number 8 on the left side. He also wears a spherical earring on his right ear.

His look is updated in "Sexual Healing", with him now having a shorter hairstyle and his face is clean shaven. He wears a maroon warm-up jacket with two white stripes on the sleeves and black track pants with a white stripe on the side. He also has a different earring on his left ear.


In "Sexual Healing", Kobe was revealed to be a sex addict. In "Here Comes the Neighborhood", it was unveiled that he is very fickle, moving to an entirely different town simply because Snoop Dogg suggested it.


  • "Here Comes the Neighborhood" - Arrives in South Park as one of the new rich people moving into town.
  • "The Jeffersons" (mentioned only) - Gerald Broflovski mentions that Kobe was in Eagle, Colorado for his 2003 sexual assault trial. Randy Marsh then asks Michael Jefferson if he thinks Kobe is innocent or guilty.
  • "ManBearPig" (mentioned only) - The boys play basketball and Cartman tells them: "This is a total Kobe Bryant I'm about to do."
  • "Sexual Healing" - Appears as one of the celebrities attending the Sex Addiction Counseling Center and learns that his sex drive is because of the "Wizard Alien". Later, he joins them as they fly to Independence Hall to stop the "Wizard Alien".
  • "Faith Hilling" - A real life picture of Kobe tugging on his basketball jersey is shown in a news segment about Faith Hilling.


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