Kiss Me Goodnight is a song that is featured in the Season Fourteen episode "201". The song is performed by Krishna disguised as Neil Diamond as well as Barbra Streisand and is a possible parody of the song You Don't Bring Me Flowers, which was performed as a duet by Diamond and Streisand.


When Barbra Streisand rampages through South Park as an act of violence from the army of angry celebrities, the Super Best Friends come up with an idea to distract her. They decide to have Krishna disguise himself as Neil Diamond and perform a duet with Streisand by singing this song. "Neil Diamond" provides the main vocals while Barbra Streisand roars her lyrics.


[Barbra roars something]
Well that's because I loved you, girl
And I still love you now. What have you got to say?
[Barbra roars something]
That might be true, but I still miss ya at night.
[Barbra roars something]
When you roll over, by my side, and you kiss me goodnight.
[Barbra roars something]

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