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|religion =
|religion =
|voice = [[Trey Parker]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|title="South Park" Chickenlover (TV episode 1998)|}}</ref>
|voice = [[Trey Parker]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|title="South Park" Chickenlover (TV episode 1998)|}}</ref>
|appearance = "[[Spontaneous Combustion]]"
|appearance = "[[Starvin' Marvin]]"
|speaking = "[[Chickenlover]]"
|speaking = "[[Chickenlover]]"
|relation1 = Grandfather
|relation1 = Grandfather
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* "[[Starvin' Marvin]]" - Seen sitting at the dinner table with his family. 
* "[[Starvin' Marvin]]" - Debut appearance; seen sitting at the dinner table with his family. 
* "[[Chickenlover]]" (speaking role) - He and his brother watch their parents fight.
* "[[Chickenlover]]" (speaking role) - He and his brother watch their parents fight.
* "[[Chickenpox]]" (speaking role) - Seen at the table for dinner and his mother asks him to split a waffle with his brother.
* "[[Chickenpox]]" (speaking role) - Seen at the table for dinner and his mother asks him to split a waffle with his brother.

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Kevin McCormick is Kenny's older brother. He never appears without the rest of his family or Kenny, and very little is known about him. He only has a speaking role in three episodes: "Chickenlover", "Chickenpox", and "The Poor Kid", but is often seen in the background with his brother or his family, usually at church or at Kenny's numerous funerals.


Kevin has wild, messy brown hair, with a bandage, scratch, dirt and leaves on his face. He wears gray pants and a red button-up shirt and has a set of braces. In "Quintuplets 2000" he wears a light blue suit with a green tie, however, in "Sexual Healing" he wears a black suit with dark blue tie for Kenny's funeral. His voice sounds somewhat like Bill Allen.


Kevin appears to be either a heavy drinker or mentally handicapped, as he speaks in a slow, repetitive slur when talking normally. However, he talks much more quickly and clearly when yelling. Further suggestion of mental retardation can be found in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", where a boy resembling Kevin is seen on the bus for handicapped kids. Although, contradictory evidence is seen in "The Poor Kid", where his mother calls him and his father "drunk pieces of shit". Kevin seems to have violent tendencies - he tells his mother to shoot his father and later attempts to strangle his father, initiating a fight. Kevin doesn't talk much, but and throughout the series, we have only heard his voice three times. Most of the time, he seems acts bored, and mostly sits somewhere quietly.


Mrs. McCormick

Kevin is Mrs. McCormick's older son. They were never seen interacting one-on-one, although, judging from the pseudo-conversation they had in "The Poor Kid", their relationship seems to be a weak one, filled with fighting. (His relationship with his mother is likely stronger than with his father). His mother does seem to care about him, because in"Spookyfish", she does tell Kenny off for not sharing the blanket with Kevin. She does also expect Kevin to share with Kenny, because in "Chickenpox", she tells Kevin to split his waffle with Kenny.

Stuart McCormick

Kevin is Stuart McCormick's older son. Judging from the events of "The Poor Kid", they do not have a good relationship. Their relationship also seems to be violent, likely when they are drunk, with Mrs. McCormick having to step in to prevent them from physically fighting each other. They seem to ignore each other, except when Stuart is drunk.

Kenny McCormick

Kevin is Kenny's older brother. The two were never seen interacting, so little is known about their relationship. They seem indifferent to each other's presence, completely ignoring each other. When seen together, it is usually with the rest of their family. Kenny nor Kevin don't like sharing with one another, because in "Spookyfish", Kenny tugs the blanket from him, and in "Chickenpox", Kevin has to share frozen waffles with Kenny, because of the lack of food. Kevin seems to tolerate Kenny a bit, in "Chickenlover", both were standing next to each other, giggling when their mum beat up Stuart. In "Best Friends Forever", Kevin was at the hospital with his family, looking at Kenny in his 'tomato' state. The two can be seen playing together in "Here Comes the Neighborhood".

Karen McCormick

Kevin is Karen's older brother. The two were never seen interacting, so little is known about their relationship. Kevin seems to ignore her, however, she seems to look for him for protection, hiding behind him in various instances. When Kevin is fighting with Stuart, the argument does scare Karen, causing her to break down and start crying. Kevin shares a room with Karen because Karen is lonely most of the time. Unlike Kenny, Kevin doesn't have much care towards her. In "The City Part of Town", when Stuart starts yelling at Karen, Kevin doesn't seem to respond, although Kenny scowls and runs after her.


  • Although the McCormicks are poor, Kevin appears to have braces.
  • Kevin's voice varies greatly between his first two lines and his third line in "The Poor Kid".
  • Kevin shares a room with Karen in "The City Part of Town".
  • Kevin seems to have a better relationship with Kenny rather than the rest of his family, since they are sometimes playing and having fun together.
  • In "The List", Kevin is shown to be left-handed. He is seen eating with his left hand.
  • Kevin is the only McCormick family member who doesn't appear in "South Park: The Stick of Truth".



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