Keshawn is a successful pimp. He appeared only in episode the "Butters' Bottom Bitch" and in the videogame "South Park: The Fractured But Whole".


In "Butters' Bottom Bitch" he is at the Player's Ball$ 2009 (pimp convention) talking to two prostitutes until Butters talks to him. Though he is surprised by what he sees but when he learns Butters's got four bitches in one week, he decides to give him some advice.

He later calls Harrison Yates who takes his persona as prostitute Yolanda too far and tells him he needs him as his Bottom Bitch.

But when Harrison Yates wants to become Butter's bitch he appears in front of the Stotch Residence where he begs for "Yolanda" to come back to him, promising they will move to a little château in Switzerland. At first, Yates refuses but when he proposes to him, he rushes and they make out on Butters' front lawn.

He is shown again in a remote château in Swiss mountains. Inside he is shown on three photographs with Yates. He gives him a diamond necklace and tells him he wanted to give him something special, to which Yates replies: "Well hold on. I've got something for you too, my love. I just put it right over here by the.." before he whips out his gun and badge and tells him he is busted.


Keshawn has black hair and black circle beard with a grey part in the middle. He has gold glasses with diamonds above lenses and black temples. He has a diamond earring in his right ear and diamond earring with a gold cross in the left ear. He wears green pants with a black belt with a gold buckle belt in which is written BISHOP and the rectangle is constellated with diamonds. He wears shoes with the same color as his pants with white stripes, outsoles and shoelaces. He wears a gleeful green shirt with a waistcoat with the same shade of the green as his pants, light green checked lounge jacket, dark red tie with a big diamond in the middle and gold necklace with diamond constellated cross. He has gold rings with diamonds and sometimes he can be seen wearing a dark pink fur coat.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

He appears in mission The Big Beatdown. He is in Cartman's house with his two "bitches" where he awaits with Liane Cartman. Once The New Kid arrives he confronts The New Kid about him being Liane's pimp and is engaged in a fight.

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