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  • This episode marks the first time when Kenny's death was taken seriously by the main characters. With most of his deaths before that, the others would merely express surprise, then forget about it. While it is taken more seriously than usual on other rare occasions (such as in "The Ring" or "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut"), it never upsets the boys as much as in this episode.
  • This was one of the few times where Kenny's death was done off-camera, where as normally Kenny's death would be a visual gag for the audience to see.
  • This episode had been initially intended to kill Kenny off for good because Trey and Matt grew tired of killing him off in every episode for the sake of humor. In addition, Kenny's repeated deaths made it tough to develop Kenny's personality, since he was really just a "prop" character. Kenny's subsequent absence from season six also allowed minor character Buuters to rise as a major character on the show, as well as giving Tweek a - less successful - shot at becoming a major character.
  • Despite the intended permanence of Kenny's death, he reappears in the season 6 finale, "Red Sleigh Down", with a significantly lower death rate.
  • In the episode audio commentary, it was mentioned that Kyle was supposed to be "killed off" in the episode, due to the fact that he and Stan share similar personalities (but since Kenny was killed off for a season instead, Kyle and Stan gain differences in later seasons).
  • In this episode -as well as a few notable others- there is an Orgazmo poster on the back of Cartman's door.
  • Almost everytime sombody mentions that Kenny is their friend, they would say instead f-f-f-friend. This is usually said by Stan, however it was used by Cartman as well.
  • This is one of the episodes where we hear Cartman sing, he sings "In the Heat of the Moment" by Asia in the court.


  • The card outside Kenny's hospital room reads "K. McKormick". His surname is actually spelled "McCormick".
  • When the doctor gives the red-haired lady the clipboard at the beginning of the episode, her white blanket is gone for a second, then it reappears.
  • Cartman claims that Kenny is 8. To be in 4th grade, though, Kenny should be 9.
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