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Kelly P. Gardner is a female fourth grader at South Park Elementary. She is voiced by April Stewart and first appears in the Season Thirteen episode, "Whale Whores".


She first appeared in the episode, "Whale Whores", where she witnessed a whale getting slaughtered by the Japanese at an aquarium in Baltimore. She was referred to as Jessica in this episode.

Her next appearance as as a kid in South Park Elementary in the episode, "Funnybot", where she was nominated for the "Funniest Kid in School" award. Ultimately, she, along with Clyde, lost to Jimmy. She also appeared in "Faith Hilling" as part of a group of children "Taylor Swifting" in front of Café Monet. From these points on, she became a frequent background character at the school.


In her debut appearance, she was depicted with brown hair pulled into two pigtails secured by yellow bows, a pink shirt, and a pink skirt. Since "Funnybot", her hair bows and skirt changed to the color blue.


Considering she was nominated for "Funniest Kid in School", we can assume she is a very funny, or at least, a very humorous person. For example, she enjoys memeing as seen in "Faith Hilling".

She also appears to be somewhat socially anxious, as she finds conversing with people much easier on Facebook, as seen in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Criminal Record[]

  • Civil unrest/rioting: Kelly was one of many students seen rioting in the school hallways over the cancellation of Columbus Day in "Holiday Special".

Video Games[]

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

Kelly appears outside Clyde's house and can be befriended. She explains how it is much easier and faster to have a conversation via Facebook than talking.




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