Keifer is a 6th grader who only appears in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Keifer can be seen talking to other 6th graders when The New Kid meets the 6th graders near the bus stop. one of the 6th graders says that Keifer's mother has nice boobs, which makes Keifer angry and tells the boy to stop talking about his mother.

Keifer is later seen with three other 6th graders attempting to throw a stone at a cat on top of the tree, if New Kid causes the two 6th graders who were fighting over who would throw the stone at the cat, being attacked through the fireworks, Keifer will recognize New Kid and start a fight with him. After this fight, Keifer will appear as an enemy that the player can attack throughout the game. In the mission where New Kid will have to go to Mr. Mackey's office. Keifer for some reason blocks the office entrance with shocking water.

In one part of the game, Keifer can be seen talking to three other 6th graders in an abandoned place next to the school about the disappearance of Jasper, who had been transformed into a mutant by Dr. Mephesto. Keifer suggests that they tell Jasper's parents about his disappearance, but another 6th grader immediately disagrees, saying that the parents are stupid and that Jasper probably found a porn video for himself.



Keifer about to piss on a balloon after choosing a target.

Keifer acts as a "6th Grader Bomber" during the battle.

Yellow Snowball

Keifer's first ability during battle is called "Yellow Snowball", in which he will throw a snowball at his enemy, dealing damage and apply Grossed out.

Piss Balloon

Keifer's second ability is a telegraphed attack called "Piss Balloon", in which he will pick a target and then pick up an empty balloon and start peeing inside it and tell no one to look, the attack covers five tiles in a cross, dealing much damage and apply Grossed out. He will be pissing in the balloon until his next turn, this gives the player time to get off target. When Keifer's round starts again, he finally ends and throws the balloon at the target he has chosen, this attack can also hit the other 6th graders if they are at the attack range.


Keifer is a medium height 6th grader who has long brown hair and wears a dark blue hat with a light blue border, a short-sleeved black shirt with a skull design with a white circle around it, dark blue pants and black shoes. He also wears a white sweater under his shirt. Keifer was shown to have an unusual voice on his first appearance, but in other scenes and during fights, he has the regular voice of most of the other 6th graders.


  • Keifer's model is used for all other 6th Graders Bombers, only with different color schemes.
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