Keenan Williams is a weatherman who appears in the Season Ten episode, "Smug Alert!".


He is introduced on South Park News informing viewers about smug clouds, discussing several developing over Park and Jefferson County, Denver, and Los Angeles. He mentions San Francisco still being the smuggiest city in the United States.

The next day, he informs Ranger McFriendly and the boys about the smug cloud over South Park fusing with the one over San Francisco. He reports that if the smug cloud fromGeorge Clooney's acceptance speech hits the fusion, a smug storm will occur. The storm would ravage the town and completely destroy San Francisco.

After the town is informed about the storm, he continuously watches over the smug clouds' movements, warning viewers to seek shelter before the clouds collide.


Keenan Williams has combed, blond hair. He wears a black suit and a black tie.


  • The scenes where Williams informs Ranger McFriendly about the approaching storm parody the film The Perfect Storm.[citation needed]


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