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Katherine and Katie Queef are two Canadian comedic actresses and the wives of Terrance and Phillip.


In "Eat, Pray, Queef", The Queef Sisters made its debut broadcast on the Canada Channel, replacing Terrance and Phillip on the night of a much-anticipated episode. Their show was designed in a similar fashion to Terrance and Phillip's farting humor; however, their comedy revolved around queefing. Men universally loathed the show, finding the humor to be disgusting and childish (ironic, considering their love of fart humor), while women praised the show, particularly because it bothered the men so much.

In the aforementioned episode of show, they are seen as the girls' doctor calls them for a checkup and the doctor tries to check for cysts, but every time he looks at their vaginas, the Queef sisters queef on his face. He gets very frustrated and tells the Queef sisters that he's not their doctor anymore, but the Queef sisters don't seem to care.

The girls grew up watching the Terrance and Phillip show, considering them to be their "idols", and having sexual fantasies. However, the success of their show negatively affected their heroes, whose own show was on the verge of cancellation. Furious, Terrance and Philip intended to murder the Queef Sisters for upstaging them. The girls were more than willing to accept death at the hands of their idols, which caused Terrance and Philip to reconsider. They each found one of the respective sisters attractive and began dating them. Unfortunately, they had many hurdles in their romances, such as not being able to tell each other apart. Another major issue was that the Queef Sisters loved to queef at any and all times, even while having sex. Terrance and Phillip however found the act disgusting like all the other men and even proceeded to slap the sisters.

The relationship seemed ready to end then and there, however both Terrance and Philip found themselves far too deeply in love with the sisters to give them up. And so, they proposed to the girls who accepted, and they had celebratory sex, all while farting and queefing. They were soon married, at which point they farted and queefed on the priest, and prepared for their new lives together.

The Queef Sisters are also considered to be feminist icons due to their female humor as well as their book, Eat, Pray, Queef.


Both sisters have the standard Canadian flopping heads, beady eyes, and "blocky" appearance. Katherine has light brown hair and wears red lipstick. Katherine also wears an orange shirt with a black "K" at its center, and a light blue skirt. Katie has brown hair, a light brown shirt with a black "K" at its center, and a dark gray skirt.


Both sisters have similar personalities. In "Eat, Pray, Queef", they both loved to queef, idolized Terrance and Phillip, and both were feminists. We can assume that they did not care about men's feelings, queefing on or near them, despite knowing how disgusting they found the act.


Terrance and Phillip

Katherine is married to Phillip, and Katie is married to Terrance. After a short falling out in "Eat, Pray, Queef", they got back together and seem to be happily married.



  • The girls appear to be young women, possibly aged in their 20s or 30s, while Terrance and Phillip are supposedly both 58, as the sisters appear to have watched Terrance and Phillip performing their comedy as young children. However, the exact age of either pair was never stated in their episodes featured together, considering all Canadian characters look alike in South Park.
  • They are likely a reference to The Banger Sisters, a 2003 comedy film.


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