The Karate Instructor works at the Ichi Ban Karate Dojo and appears in the Season Nine episode "Bloody Mary".


Randy Marsh takes Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Ike to Ichi Ban Karate Dojo to learn karate, while he waits at the bar. At the martial arts studio, the instructor berates Cartman for lacking discipline, who promptly disagrees and starts arguing. He speaks in a satirical Japanese accent, saying "You rack disiprine" instead of "You lack discipline". Stan appears to admire him quite a lot.


The Karate Instructor wears a traditional karate outfit, consisting of a white gi with a red-fist logo and a black belt. He has a black moustache and black hair.


The Karate Teacher is shown to be strict, pointing out his pupil's aberrant lack of discipline. He is dedicated to his craft, saying that true discipline comes from within.



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