KOK-A-3 was Eric Cartman's robot cockatoo who appeared in the Season Ten episode "Go God Go XII".


When Cartman decides to freeze himself in order to make his wait for the release of the Nintendo Wii go by faster, he ends up being unfrozen 500 years in the future. His only friend in the future is a robot dog named K-10. After he and Cartman steal a Crank Prank Time Phone to warn Cartman's past self not to freeze himself, he ends up calling Kyle, who misses his ride on the bus. After this, K-10 turns into a robot cat named KIT-9.

KIT-9 then suggests Cartman to call Mr. Garrison. When Richard Dawkins ends up answering his call, Cartman tells Dawkins that Garrison used to be male, causing the two of them to break up and change the future. It is then shown that the AAA, UAL, and UAA have made peace with each other. KIT-9 is shown to have turned into a talking robot cockatoo named KOK-A-3, who says goodbye to Cartman when he is sent back home.


KOK-A-3 is a robotic cockatoo with large golden wings and golden feet. It has a small silver body with "KOK-A-3" written on its chest.


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