K-10 was Eric Cartman's robot dog in the Season Ten episode, "Go God Go XII".


Cartman froze himself waiting for the Nintendo Wii to be released but was revived 500 years in the future. His only friend is a robot dog named K-10.

When the two steal a Crank Prank Time Phone to warn his past self about the danger of freezing himself, his past self does not believe him. After repeatedly making calls to the past, his surroundings change. K-10 becomes a cat robot named KIT-9, and then a robot bird, called KOK-A-3.


K-10 is a bipedal robot with canine features. It is mostly gold colored, with black flexible joints, black ears, and chrome hands and feet.


  • The K-10 robot is a reference of to the robots Twiki in the 1970s TV show, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and K-9 from the Doctor Who series and its many spin-offs.


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