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[[Category:One-off characters]]
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[[Category:Characters voiced by Trey Parker]]

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Justin Bieber appeared in "Coon vs. Coon & Friends". He was singing his most well-known song "Baby" at a concert until The Coon ordered Cthulhu to kill him, who proceeded to squeeze him between two fingers until his head popped.


Justin has long, light brown hair. He wears a gray hoodie, a white shirt, black pants, and white sneakers.


  • The way that Justin Bieber dances at his concert is reminiscent of Michael Jackson, especially in the way he grabs his crotch.
  • Although Justin does have a high-pitched voice, the one used in the episode is mockingly much higher.
  • Although he is Canadian, he does not have the floppy head and beady eyes that are traditional to Canadians depicted in South Park. He shares this distinction with numerous other Canadian celebrities on the show.
  • Butters mentioned him in "T.M.I.", stating that he was angry at all the kids in school acting like "little Justin Biebers".

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