Josh Carter is a former worker for the Amazon Fulfillment Center. After a terrible workplace accident that nearly kills him, workers of the fulfillment center elect Josh as their leader and go on strike.


In "Unfulfilled", Josh had become entangled with a moving stock shelf and, in a string of calamity, presumed killed; however he was later revealed to be living albeit in a poor state. His organs are packed in an Amazon package, keeping him alive and he is able to speak using a microphone.

After the severe accident, Josh becomes aware and searches for answers in Marxism, then he finally comes to believe that capitalism is the culprit. He calls on all workers to strike and naturally becomes their leader.

Josh appears again in "Bike Parade", where he travels around the country and talks about Marxist theory, directly accusing Amazon. His actions deeply worries the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos so Bezos badly wants to get rid of him.

Josh is later captured by Jeff Bezos and eventually, killed after Bezos lets a group of children open his box, causing his organs to explode all over the children.


Josh is seen in "Unfulfilled", being shown with a tie, an employee ID and jeans, and after his accident occurs, his organs are simply inside the Amazon box of organs.


  • "Unfulfilled" - After a misfortunate accident, he is barely alive and lives in an Amazon box.
  • "Bike Parade" - Gets captured by Jeff Bezos, who manipulated kids to open his box, which results in Josh's organs to explode everywhere.
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