Mr. José Venezuela is a background character. He is the school janitor at South Park Elementary, and took over the position of bus driver after Ms. Crabtree died. As his name suggests, he is Venezuelan.


Mr. Venezuela debuted as a janitor at the Museum of Tolerance exhibit of wax statues. He was shown sleeping on the job with a mop and bucket, making Randy Marsh think he was a wax statue and part of the racial stereotype tour until he woke up. He was shown to be the new school bus driver in Ginger Kids since the death of Veronica Crabtree the previous season. He now works as a janitor at South Park Elementary as seen in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", where Mr. Mackey used Mr. Venezuela to guilt the perpetrator to confess, telling the children he has to clean up puke with saw dust and only earns six dollars an hour at best with 3 kids at home and a car that barely works.


Mr. Venezuela wears a green jacket and cap and has blue trousers with a black belt with a gold buckle. He spoke on one occasion in "The Death Camp of Tolerance". He is portrayed as a stereotypical foreign immigrant with stubble and a mustache. He wears a blue cap, a cleaner's outfit and is armed with a mop and bucket. He looked upset on the one occasion he did appear, but he did not seem to fully understand the situation. His first name is shown on his name tag.


It was revealed in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" that Mr. Venezuela has three kids at home.



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